Arrests In Brevard County: August 9, 2015

By  //  August 9, 2015

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BREVARD COUNTY, FLORIDA – The suspects below were arrested by various law enforcement agencies on the Space Coast.

PLEASE NOTE: All suspects are presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. The mugshots and arrest records published on are not an indication of guilt, or evidence that an actual crime has been committed.


2 11 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3

Abaloz, Matthew, Edward
Acker, Malori, Jo
Alvarado, Jose
Amilibia, Matthew, L
Armstrong, Scott, Thaddeus
Bertuzzi, Kimberly, Denise
Black, Jeffrey, Edward
Born, Jeremiah, B
Brown, Anthony, Lamont
Carafa, Gertrude, Frances
Carta, Fabiola, Nmn
Castro, Juan, Saul
Chinni, Joshua, Anthony
Davis, James, Elbert
Dawes, Chrisse, Lynn
Day, Patrick, S
Downey, Melissa, Marie
Falzone, Daniel, Jacob
Fernandez, Maria, N
Fitzgerald, Susan, M
Goodwin, Aaron, Joseph
Guilford, Deone, Morice
Guthrie, Kellum, J
Hall, Lonnie, R
Jeffrey, Curtis, Foster
Johnston, Roberto, Cecilio
Kearney, William, Earl
King, James, William
Kissel, Brianna, Darnell
Lato, Nicole, Gay
Lewis, Bobby, Lee
Lightsey, Robert, Jordan
Lopez, George
Marrell, Chad, Michael
Olcott, Ashley, Nicole
Palmer, Robert, Steven
Panek, Brad, Anthony
Peck, Tyler, Dean
Pospisil, Frank, James
Reid, Thomas, Pleaman
Ruszala, Robert
Seaman, Nickolaos, John
See, Joshua, A
Smoak, Bobby
Sommers, Steven, Richard
Vonploennies, Cody, Jason
Windsor, Jessica, Nicole
Wynn, William, Paul
Zebley, Michael, Joseph