VIDEO: 12-Foot, 1,326-Pound Great White Shark ‘Hilton’ Pinged off Titusville in Early April

By  //  April 28, 2018

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Hilton is Twitter celebrity with over 22,000 followers

ABOVE VIDEO: Hilton is a 12-foot mature male great white shark tagged off the coast of Hilton Head Island on March 3, 2017. Watch as researchers aboard the M/V Ocearch tag him both internally and externally, measure him and gather tissue samples for further studies.

(FOX NEWS) – A real-life “Jaws” named Hilton was spotted in the Gulf of Mexico just west of the Florida Keys this week.

The great white shark, a Twitter celebrity with more than 22,000 followers, was tagged by OCEARCH —a non-profit organization that researches great white sharks and other apex predators.

OCEARCH researchers have been following the 12-foot great white’s route since March 2017 when they tagged the shark near Hilton Head Island, South Carolina. Hilton, weighing in at 1,326 pounds, is fitted with a tag that pings to transmit his location when his fins break the surface.

The shark has traveled up and down along the coasts of the Atlantic Ocean — from Nova Scotia to Florida — but he’s never been seen in the Gulf of Mexico before. He’s been in the waters for nearly two weeks now.

“Since then he’s made his way toward the Florida panhandle, a famous fishing ground for sport fishermen.

No doubt Hilton’s doing a little fishing of his own, chowing down on the many fish of the canyon and shelf region there,” Dr. Robert Hueter, OCEARCH chief science advisor, and mote marine laboratory senior scientist said in an online statement.

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