Initial Coin Offering PR: 3 Simple Tips for ICO Marketing Success in 2018

By  //  October 1, 2018

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The sweet spot between effective and affordable in ICO PR is all about implementing prudent media relations, thought leadership, and using data to analyze what works and what doesn’t, according to crypto PR firm Blonde2.0.

Crypto PR is not what it used to be; there are more than 1,600 cryptocurrencies in the market and more coming in but some good ICO PR can help you stand out

As of August 2018, there were about 1,600 altcoins in the cryptocurrencies market. A vast majority of the internet monies use the same underlying technology – blockchain, the secure, private and decentralized framework.

With the meteoric rise of Bitcoin, initial coin offering (ICO) events have been news-worthy. But with the unprecedented number of new entrants hitting the market every other week, blockchain journalism is no longer particularly eager to net the latest ICO PR around.

Yet, while the high interest in the industry showcases growth and increased blockchain and cryptocurrencies embraces, it also spells fierce competition, ICO PR saturation, and fatigue, as well as much less room for ‘crypto PR’ hiccups, which could sink an industry startup under a heap of rowdy pitches.

How do you successfully stand out from the rest and make your ICO campaign a success in 2018 and beyond?

Here are some fresh tips and insight to help you forward. 

Start Before You Start

Rushed by a dwindling ICO advertising and marketing budget, it is not uncommon to find a cryptocurrency startup jolt publicity when its ICO is just around the corner.

The result is usually a quickly blown-out marketing budget without much returns or sustainable publicity to encourage either medium- or long-term interest in the cryptocurrency.

One of the most affordable yet effective ICO PR and marketing strategies to implement is to use quality content marketing well ahead of the offering.

Getting the ball rolling as far back as a year can help spread the word around affordably yet effectively. How can you ensure this ICO PR strategy works as effectively as you’d like?

Use An Ideal ICO PR Agency

The sweet spot between effective and affordable in ICO PR is all about implementing prudent media relations, thought leadership, and using data to analyze what works and what doesn’t, according to crypto PR firm Blonde2.0.

The best ICO PR agencies connect innovators to thought leaders, cryptocurrency and blockchain journalists, writers, as well as major publications’ editors and analysts. 

Here is the deal:

Your target audience is likely to comprise of cryptocurrency enthusiasts that understand how blockchain and cryptocurrencies work and another group that doesn’t truly comprehend the market.

To appeal to both groups of potential investors, you would need to come up with a PR strategy that caters to both. You would also need to ensure your marketing material does not mislead, misrepresent or blow facts out of proportion or risk garnering mistrust and losing the potential investors.

A good ICO PR agency can handle that on top of ensuring your content is published in high-quality publications in your niche. Such a service can also help your company craft a thought leadership strategy using guest posts, an ICO social media strategy, and credible speaking opportunities to boost.

Become An Authority in Your Field

While more companies now see the importance of business blogging to enlighten and engage their target audience, there are other ways to establish your company as an authority in the industry.

One of the best is to answer cryptocurrency questions on social media.

A good example of an industry shareholder who has established himself as the go-to person for much to do with cryptocurrencies and decentralized blockchains is Ethereum’s Vitalik Butelin.

Vitalik breaks down complex industry concerns and sparks new discussions around unexplored sides of cryptocurrencies and the blockchain technology.

Providing such educative and engaging information has seen him gather over 812,000 followers on Twitter and 32,000 followers on Medium—a chunky target audience that is likely to convert to investors if Vitalik was to offer an ICO in the near future compared to having to market from scratch.

These three ICO PR tips are simple and so actionable, your company can start taking advantage of them immediately to secure success from taking action in advance.      


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