International Calling Cards – Things That You Need to Know Before Using It

By  //  October 17, 2018

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If you’ve taken into account international calling cards by Nobel, you have to know that there is no similarity with VoIP technology.

International calling cards are one among the best means in which you can easily make cost-effective long distance or international calls. This seems to be an ideal option for the people who stay abroad or who travel due to work to international destinations.

If you’ve been worried about the hassles of the complex process of making international calls, you needn’t fret as this is a simple process where you can use calling cards to stay in touch with family and friends.

If you’ve taken into account international calling cards by Nobel, you have to know that there is no similarity with VoIP technology.

You can describe calling cards as a means of buying the best form of telecommunication services on post-paid, pre-paid and there are other kinds as well. Read on to know how these cards work to help its users.

What are the different kinds of calling cards available?

As long as calling cards are concerned, they have different names like phone calling cards, phone cards, VoIP calling cards are few of the names that are used. There are different kinds of VoIP calling cards and a person should know about the types before using them. Check out the different types.

  • Pre-paid international calling cards

This is almost similar to other pre-paid services but you will get a fixed amount of credit on the calling card. The card can be used by the user till you exhaust this amount. Whenever the balance is exhausted, the user will require recharging it lest you have to throw it off.

  • Post-paid international calling cards

Post-paid phone cards or calling cards have got almost the same features as the pre-paid cards. But the only difference is that there isn’t any decrease in the balance of the account. The charges of the calls are on a per-call basis and the user is given a monthly bill at the end of the month.

  • Virtual calling card

As the name suggests, a virtual card won’t have any physical presence and it can be used virtually by the user. The PIN of the card is received by the consumer through his mail ID. When the customer buys the card, he gets total information on the card, the available balance and the process of using it. Every single detail is sent through an email and they even include support details in case the user needs help.

  • Rechargeable calling card

As they call it a rechargeable card, you can recharge the cards post utilization of all the minutes or the total amount of credit that’s available in the card. The provider of the card will give you the option through which you can recharge the card. You can recharge the cards over the counter and over the internet by paying in card or cash.

What are the benefits of international calling cards?

Well, they are actually beneficial for making international and long-distance calls but here are the benefits that you may reap:

  • Call rate are minimum
  • Compatibility among multiple devices and
  • Best for vacations and travel purposes
  • 24X7 customer care support
  • Option to make calls from anywhere regardless of the location

Hence, as we see, calling cards, due to its multiple benefits have become a handy option when someone travels internationally or when someone is on a trip to abroad. It is important to stay in touch with family members, close friends and colleagues and hence making use of these cards can be a certainly cost-saving option. Making international calls will become simpler with these cards.