Functional Homelessness May Be Rising Thanks to Australia’s Housing Crisis

By  //  November 28, 2018

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It is no secret that Australia’s housing situation is hurting its population, especially its younger population, which could be one reason the digital nomadic life is sprouting so much.

It is no secret that Australia’s housing situation is hurting its population, especially its younger population, which could be one reason the digital nomadic life is sprouting so much.

There are many reasons why Australia’s housing has to be so expensive. Some point to overpopulation, but that is likely not the reason since there are more than enough homes to rent or buy in the country. The most likely reason housing is so expensive has to do with demand.

Property owners know that Australians are willing to pay extravagant prices, so they decide to keep their prices high. Some citizens are willing to take out loans, use credit cards, and take on additional jobs just to make ends meet.

Property owners have been betting on this reality for some time, but something is changing. People, especially young people who seem to be stuck without choices, are starting to form a different path.

Homelessness is Slowly Being Redefined

Australia’s housing situation has led to a surge in homelessness, which is definitely tragic, but this surge is a little different. There are a number of people who could be considered homeless even though they have enough money coming in to get a place to live and are holding down a job. Some of the individuals are living at home while others are rooming with others to help keep costs down.

Some people criticize those who are staying at home longer or are rooming with a number of people instead of getting a place on their own, but prices are simply too high.

Another group of young people are opting to not live in one place, which is creating the digital nomad. A person who is a digital nomad has acquired the skills needed to work online rather than in a regular place, making it easier for them to move around.

Sure, learning how to become a digital nomad is not too easy, but that does not mean it is impossible. The key to making this type of lifestyle work is to get rid of barriers like outstanding debt and gaining the skills needed to become a digital nomad, which means going back to school to earn a degree that can be used in an online-based career.

Individuals who are ready to find another path beyond the high prices for apartments or houses are taking advantage of some of the degrees offered through online colleges.

This daring group of people attempting to live without settling down in one place are definitely going to face some challenges like having a stable address, but that does not seem to be stopping them. Besides, Australia has a lot of land that is begging to be explored, which is probably the reason why many interested in this new lifestyle believe that Australia is more than ideal for it.

Now, there seems to be a number of ways to live as a digital nomad. Some are simply moving from temporary house to temporary house using apps to help them find hosts.

There are others who prefer to stay in extended stays where leases are non-existent, meaning they can leave whenever they please. Both options cut living expenses to some extent for some of these individuals, and it also gives them an opportunity to see more of Australia than they might have living in one location.

Another group of digital nomads take it one step further by simply living on wheels. This is done by simply buying an RV or converting a regular van into a small home, which can save more money on living expenses. Granted, adjusting oneself to a life on wheels might be a little difficult, but it seems that this generation is adapting since they do not really have a choice.

This is not to say that people from this generation will never settle down nor does it mean they do not like the idea of living in one place. There is no telling when those who do want to live in one place are going to be given that opportunity, but this movement is likely to give property owners something to think about.