How To Do Your Due Diligence for Initial Coin Offerings, Don’t Rush In

By  //  November 9, 2018

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Anyone who has earned their stripes in the crypto space can attest to the importance of doing due diligence for ICOs – and not to jump in head first on the back of hype, FOMO, or any of its cousins.

Anyone who has earned their stripes in the crypto space can attest to the importance of doing due diligence for ICOs – and not to jump in head first on the back of hype, FOMO, or any of its cousins.

We share in this blog post practical ideas when it comes to doing due diligence for Initial Coin Offering (ICOs) which can help you to greatly reduce the risks of buying into scam ICOs (or even legit ICOs that you should avoid).

Keep in mind that slow is fast here. You don’t want to rush in. Like with wine tasting, you want to roll it around in your mouth – not gulp it down and then realize that the “wine of the year” doesn’t really sit well with you.

Trust your Instinct or Intuition

If any aspect of an ICO makes you feel uncomfortable or causes your “gut feeling” to cry out for your immediate attention, then you need to take a step back, sit down and ask yourself:

“Is this really something I want to get involved in?”

Don’t get us wrong. The idea in this instance is not to question the legitimacy of the ICO in question. The idea at this initial phase is to establish whether you as a person would feel comfortable to support such an ICO.

If the ICO is involved in something that is legal, but it goes against what you feel comfortable with in terms of your values – it is better to stop the bus right there and to get off.

Thus, it is recommended to only get involved in ICOs that personally resonate with you. Never sacrifice your personal self and what makes you unique. It will make you miserable at the end of the day. You want to be happy. Not miserable.

Honest ICO Rating System

Ok. There is no doubt in your mind. You’ve discovered this ICO that resonates better with you than a bucket full of ice-cold water in the heat of the Sahara Desert. This ICO excites you, ignites your passion, makes you happy… makes you feel like a million dollars or whatever makes you feel really good. Stop. Hold that thought. Ask yourself:

“Is this ICO legit? If legit, does it have a chance of succeeding?”

This is where you need to take full control of your emotions and switch to a higher gear in terms of due diligence – and the best part is, you don’t need to go in alone. There is help available.

No, we are not referring to help in the form of all the dodgy upcoming ICO lists, ICO rating sites, and ICO rating systems out there – where the majority completely misses the mark and are only in it for the money.

Don’t get us wrong. Money is important, but not when it causes you as a gatekeeper to sit on your hands, allowing scammers to gain entry and run amok.

This is where the importance of an honest ICO rating system comes in – a rating system that is accurate, impartial and immune to bribes and other undue influence from ICO makers, advisors, and other parties.

This is exactly what Cointelligence offers. We invite you to learn more about the honest ICO rating system we have in place – and why you should include it as an aid when doing due diligence for ICOs.

Read more about Cointelligence’s ICO rating system here.

We are called the “crypto police” by some for a reason: We leave no stone unturned when it comes to doing our part to help protect the crypto community against scam ICO offerings. Why you might ask? Beyond the internal value system that drives us, we understand the vital importance of self-regulation in this space – to be exact: the crypto space.

Either we regulate it ourselves – as the crypto community – or governments and other authoritative entities will step in and do it on our behalf.  And make no mistake – they will do it at an immense cost to us.

We are of the opinion that too much blood, sweat, and tears have gone into the advancement of the true spirit and essence of cryptos. We can’t just throw it against the wind, to sacrifice one of the greatest aspects of cryptos, namely decentralization.

Decentralization coupled with the power of blockchain technology is after all something that helps to level the playing field like never before in recorded history.

For the first time the whole of humanity has the opportunity to prosper regardless of skin color, religious convictions, political opinions, or any other differences.

Yes, we can all benefit from this ongoing non-violent revolution without having to be 100% in agreement or even like each other.

Peer-to-peer trustless transactions driven by decentralized blockchains and global peer-to-peer economies can make the world a better, safer place for all of us. You will not be able to harm someone else without harming yourself in the process.

It is of vital importance to understand that this can only be accomplished if we support efforts that are conducive for or in support of decentralization in this space.

This is why we at Cointelligence are dead serious about what we do. This is why we are vigilant when it comes the defending our good name. This is why we invite you to support us by helping to spread the word.

This is why we invite you to use the honest ratings we provide when doing your due diligence for ICOs. Together we can become immensely strong – and in a positive way.

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