WATCH: Styling The Space Coast Features Locally Owned Rockledge Company ‘Keep Me Safe’

By  //  March 1, 2019

products contain no fillers, binding agents or banned chemicals on tough EU list

ABOVE VIDEO: On this edition of Styling The Space Coast, Gina Liberto takes a field trip to Keep Me Safe Organics located in Rockledge and talks with founders Rebecca Black and Kelli Bono about their amazing products that help the company practice what they preach in keeping women beautiful and well. The ladies also discuss what could be a life-changing opportunity for you. 

BREVARD COUNTY • ROCKLEDGE, FLORIDA– Hearing that everyone knows someone that has been touched by the dreaded “C” word is of little comfort when you learn a close friend, family member or perhaps even you have been diagnosed with cancer. 

What’s disturbing is discovering the cancer diagnosed may have been caused as a result of commonly used household products.

There are many theories and documentaries as well as studies on the harmful effects of many toxic ingredients found in the everyday products we use.

Cleaning supplies, clothing, hygiene products, as well as beauty and cosmetics all potentially contain ingredients that can have harmful effects.

These products can cause problems such as allergies, illness and even infertility and cancer.

Some professions, such as cosmetology, not only use these products at home but cosmetologists are also exposed to them daily at work.

Becoming a cosmetologist guarantees a career of exposure to some of the most toxic products in existence such as the chemicals used in shampoos, make-up, nail products, and hair dye.

Based right here in Rockledge, Flordia, Keep Me Safe Organics mission is to keep you and your family safe with their products. They are committed to toxic free ingredients with no harsh chemicals.

Rebecca Black, a former cosmetologist and Co-founder of Keep Me Safe, recognized that many of her clients were being diagnosed with cancer.

Studies show women can use six up to as many as twelve cosmetic products per day.

“I started researching the products and ingredients and would ask my clients to bring me their products. I’d tell them to stop using this and don’t use that. I realized that I had to do something to make a difference.”

Headquartered on Gus Hipp Boulevard right here in Rockledge, Keep Me Safe’s mission is to,” keep you and your family safe,” with their products.

They are committed to toxic free ingredients with no harsh chemicals.

Rachael Day, an Advocate with Keep me Safe, demonstrates the benefits of the products at Pampering events.

Rachel educates and guides women during her Pampering events making them more aware so they can make knowledgeable decisions about the products they use.

So much is being heard about the foods we eat but little is mentioned about the beauty products we use daily that can harm us.

For more information on Keep Me Safe Organics visit or call 334-453-0161.

Eliminating these toxins from these products create a healthier environment for ourselves and our children both born and unborn.

Many pregnancies are affected by these toxic chemicals as well as the future fertility of those born exposed in utero.

“When we know better, we do better,” says Kelli Bono, Co-founder of Keep Me Safe Organics. “I love how the products are changing lives, but I love that women can choose to pursue financial freedom while sharing their passion for them as well.”

Keep Me Safe Organics uses a direct sales model to build product awareness and grow profitably. This is accomplished with an online platform and in-home sales.

There is no screening process currently in place and many of these chemicals are hidden in products under the protective label of proprietary ingredients or even grouped with other chemicals and listed as a fragrance.

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Compared to the Federal Drug Administration here in the United States, The European Union’s standards are far more stringent.

The EU currently bans more than 1,300 chemicals for use in cosmetics compared to just 30 by the FDA. Ingredients such as petroleum derivatives used in perfumes can cause harmful reactions.

Doing your research and becoming educated on the harmful products to avoid can improve your family’s health and wellness and give peace of mind.

For more information on Keep Me Safe visit or call 334-453-0161.