Holistic Nutritionist and Weight-Loss Specialist Tay Sweat is Famously Called ‘The Vegan Trainer’

By  //  June 28, 2019

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Holistic Nutritionist and Weight-Loss Specialist Tay Sweat is famously called “The Vegan Trainer.”

Any self-transformation journey begins from within and takes shape once you determine to make that change. But what do you do when you find yourself grappling with a major obesity disorder that bogs you down constantly?

As I’ve learned the hard way, the key is to seize this very moment and determine that you will change for the better.

This is the first step, before even chalking out a nutrition chart or diet sheet or signing up at your neighborhood gym, says Tay Sweat.

Tay expresses that initially, you will feel like giving up and shudder at the thought of doing even 15 crunches. But that’s bound to happen to all of us.

However, it didn’t stop me in my journey from a 315-pound obese teenager to a lean and fit young adult.

Although, I lost almost 120 pounds in a span of two years based on fasting and healthy eating, I knew there was more in store for me in terms of an overall healthy lifestyle.

My initial weight loss was based on self-study and the fear of fatality thanks to life-threating diseases such as hypertension and diabetes still lurked over my head.

That’s why I chose to find out the root cause and seek professional help. I was fortunate to encounter a few professional and empathetic doctors who were patient and always available to address my concerns.

As they say, being healthy or fit is 70 percent dependent on what you eat and 30 percent dependent on your exercise regime. Understanding that diet played such a significant role was an eye-opener that led to me choosing a plant-based vegan diet.

After five years of my initial struggle, I can proudly say that going vegan is the most important or rather life-transforming decision I took. The moment one speaks of going vegan, one gets cast aside into a band of people that seem to be too environmentally conscious to enjoy their lifestyle, especially their daily meals.

Born and raised in Nashville, TN Tay Sweat started his health journey as an overweight teenager. At only 14 years old, he weighed in at over 300 pounds and suffered from ailments such as eczema, heart & digestive issues, and was diagnosed as pre-diabetic.

But that’s what it looks from the outside. Once you chalk out a vegan diet that suits your tastes and preferences, trust me, it’s a decision you won’t regret. Moreover, the benefits that follow are for all to see.

That’s why I chose to pen my journey and launch two books titled “How to Vegan Keto” and “The Wild Rabbit” which endeavor to give a direction to those wanting to go vegan.

Thanks to the internet, we live in a borderless world. When I post my workout video or vegan recipes, someone 5000 miles away in Europe or Asia gets inspired and builds a connection.

What’s more, thanks to platforms like YouTube and Facebook, we can keep them motivated for free.

For me, this is a much stronger connection than any brand spending millions to build bonds with their consumers.

To date, I have helped many individuals transform from couch potatoes to fit athletes in a journey that has garnered over 4,000 clients resulting in a total of 100,000 pounds of weight loss.

In my case, my malady itself became my life purpose which made me a successful, proud and healthy individual.

Any self-transformation journey is likely to encounter obstacles along the way. People may put you down and at times but, you can be your biggest critic.

That’s when you need to take a step back or even cheat for a day or two and remind yourself of why you need to change. Remember, your attitude and self-determination can make you or break you at the same time.

So, if you’ve chosen your path and decided to go vegan, don’t stop at anything until you achieve your goals.

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