Choose the Right Bathroom Furniture with These Top Tips and Tricks

By  //  December 15, 2019

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Want a sparkling bathroom full of vivacity? Well, introduce the best furniture to it. Design a storage area in your bathroom and instantly elevate it.

Want a sparkling bathroom full of vivacity? Well, introduce the best furniture to it. Design a storage area in your bathroom and instantly elevate it.

However, you need to get it right as far as the choice of your furniture is concerned. Choose the wrong furniture and make your bathroom a dull space.

With good furniture, you can achieve a storage cabinet that will keep things organized. On these lines, here is how to choose the best furniture for your bathroom.

Determine What You Want To Store

The first step to choosing your bathroom furniture is to plan what you will be using it for. Consider the things you will be stored in the bathroom furniture. Is it for toilet rolls? Do you want to store your kid’s toys? Are you looking for a storage area for your towel?

These are some of the questions you should ask yourself before choosing bathroom furniture. Bathroom furniture can be used to store many personal effects—including jewelry, wakeups, etc.

Type of Furniture

Determine the type of furniture you need in your bathroom. You can achieve a myriad of possibilities when it comes to incorporating furniture into your bathroom. So, it’s important to assess your needs first before choosing furniture. The following are popular options you might choose from:

Floorstanding Furniture—you can go for Floorstanding furniture like display cabinets, cupboards, shelving units, etc. With this option, you have furniture that is easily accessible. However, you must plan it well if you want to get it right. Ensure the furniture you bring to the bathroom makes the space spacious as well as airy.

Wall-mounted furniture—another great option is to go for smaller items such as cupboards, mirrored cabinets, as well as medicine cabinets. You can also go for larger wall-hung vanity units featuring cabinet spaces, drawers, etc. This option permits you to have a sink above.

So, if these are the things that you are looking for in a kitchen cabinet, then go for wall-mounted furniture. The best thing about wall mounted furniture is that they leave the floor underneath open and on the show—which makes the space bigger. This option is ideal for a busy family bathroom.

Popular Furniture Style

The following are popular furniture styles for a modern bathroom:

Mirrored wall cabinets—Cabinets are ideal for smaller bathrooms. You can use the cabinets to store small items that might get lost in a larger cupboard.

 Vanity units/consoles—this style involves the teaming up of sink and furniture to save space in the bathroom. In this case, drawers and cupboards can be used for storage. In addition, you can include a slim drawer in the elegant table-style consoles. However; ensure they are positioned below the basis to create a countertop space.

Toilet + sink units—you can also go for a combination of the toilet plus sink units (i.e. two fittings). However, ensure that the pipe-work is concealed—especially if you are looking to make the space neat with enough storage capacity.

Fitted vs. Freestanding

Fitted furniture saves space and allows you to pack your bathroom without making it cramped. Plus, this style can create that aesthetic feel in the bathroom. So, whether you are looking for a classic look, modern, traditional, or sleek look—think fitted furniture.

On the other hand, the freestanding furniture can add that extra charm into your bathroom. For instance, this type of furniture is ideal in realizing an incredible focal point in your bathroom. The good thing about freestanding furniture is that you can change the positioning to reflect your preferences.

Pro tip: Try to maximize the space when positioning freestanding furniture.

Furniture Styles

With bathroom furniture, you can achieve different styles. From contemporary, minimal, to classic look—bathroom furniture has so much to offer in terms of styles.  

Contemporary bathroom furniture—usually white, contemporary bathroom furniture can also be designed to have a glossy finish. This makes it possible to reflect light—making smaller spaces look bigger and elegant.

Color in contemporary bathroom furniture comes as a neutral backdrop—allowing you to add different colors to reflect things like towels. With this style, doors, as well as drawers, feature sleek bar handlers. However, others can be handle-less.

Don’t want white? Well, you can switch to furniture with grey, brown, or black. It can do magic to your bathroom space. Alternatively, you can go for contemporary bathroom furniture featuring wood-like finishes or even veneers—it will add contracts and some degree of decorative interests in the bathrooms.

Traditional bathroom furniture—featuring Shaker-style panel doors as well as a painted wood finish (i.e. in white/off-white and even grey), traditional bathroom furniture can add more class into your space and make it elegant. With this style, you have an option to compliment traditional-style baths, toilets, as well as basins.


Water is abundant in the bathroom. Similarly, the bathroom is constantly exposed to a humid atmosphere. So, bathroom furniture fixtures are designed to handle the humid nature of this space.

Normally, bathroom furniture is designed from MDF and MFC (an abbreviation for melamine faced chipboard). In some cases, bathroom furniture fixtures have vinyl, acryl, laminate, and laminate finishing. For the high-end bathroom furniture, you might find a wood veneers finishing.

It’s also important to note that the wood for bathroom furniture must be durable and water-resistant. This is to ensure that it copes with the humid nature of the bathroom environment.

If you need more luxurious finishes, go for countertops featuring material like marble, glass, and granite. It makes the surfaces seamless and elegant.


You might need to strengthen the walls so that they can firmly hold the wall mounted furniture. So, be sure to contact a reliable plumbing company like Victoria Plumbing to assist you to design the walls.

The Bottom-Line

The furniture you choose can make or break your bathroom. So, getting it right with your choice is externally important. He above tips will help you choose the best furniture for your bathroom.