A Guide to Planning a Trip to the USA in 2020

By  //  January 8, 2020

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Has visiting the USA been a dream of yours for some time now? If so, why not make 2020 the year you finally decide to take the plunge and book your trip of a lifetime?

Has visiting the USA been a dream of yours for some time now? If so, why not make 2020 the year you finally decide to take the plunge and book your trip of a lifetime?

There are a whole host of wonderful states to visit and landmarks to see in this amazing country, so you’ll be sure to have a fantastic time no matter what specific American location you travel to.

To ensure that your trip to the USA is as smooth as it can possibly be, you should be sure to plan your adventure before you embark on it. Doing this will ensure that you are able to experience everything that the U.S. has to offer.

When planning your USA adventure, be sure to heed the advice laid out in the trip-planning guide found below.

Entry requirements and visa application

Visitors to the USA must meet a number of requirements if they are to be granted entry into the country. These requirements might be scrupulous, but fortunately, applying for entry is not necessarily a difficult task.

All you need do is head to the official ESTA application website, provide your personal details (including passport details), and answer the questions that are asked regarding your state of health and past involvement with criminality.

Please note, you should apply for your ESTA no later than 72 hours before you are set to depart to the USA. This will give your visa application plenty of time to be processed and approved.

Budgeting for your trip

As is the case in any other country in the world, certain parts of America are relatively cheap for tourists whereas others are far more expensive. This means that the budget you set yourself for your trip should be completely dependant on where it is you’re going.

Research this location’s general hotel, public transport, and restaurant costs to get a better idea of how much spending money you need to bring with you. For a breakdown of the ten most expensive cities in the USA, be sure to check out this helpful article.

Something that you should do no matter where you go in the USA is give a tip. The omission of service charges on bills makes tipping a massive part of American culture, which means that you should consider embracing this common cultural practice when you travel to the country.

When budgeting for tips, be sure to remember that service providers generally expect 15-20% per service.

If there are certain entertainment events that you wish to attend during your stay in the USA, you should consider booking your tickets as soon as you possibly can on a site such as TicketSales. This will ensure that you are not forced to pay heavily inflated prices on the day of your event.

Getting around

The USA is a well-connected country, so you shouldn’t struggle to get around on your trip. If you’re traveling between major states and centers, flying will no doubt be the quickest way for you to travel. If you are traveling within one city or region, public transit will probably prove to be the most convenient form of transport for you.