Brilliant Theme Ideas to Make Your Wedding Unique

By  //  February 19, 2020

Getting wedding inspirations for your big day is becoming easier and easier by the minute. The superfluous ideas of how to perfect your day, whether by booking your favorite band or creating an over-the-top buffet, should really come in handy.

All around the world, weddings are perceived to be the epitome of romance. There is nothing more romantic than joining your better half on a new adventure.

However, wedding planning can be a bit chaotic because couples have a lot of details to take care of, including their guest list, location, attire, and so on.

Some couples also love to steer away from traditional weddings, opting for themed ones. 

So, if you want your wedding to be the talk of the town by executing a unique theme, consider the following suggestion for an unforgettable wedding.

A Rustic Wedding

For couples who love nature, there is nothing better than incorporating its elements into your big day. Choosing the location is extremely important here.

You need to have your wedding in a garden or barn. You can also choose a venue that overlooks a lake for a more natural vibe. If this proves to be difficult, you can always have it in a hotel and depend on decorations to get a similar look.

Your decorations must include wildflowers and wood to complement the theme.

For a full rustic wedding, look into serving your guests simple home-cooked meals instead of the traditional selections hotels offer.

As for the couple’s attire, brides should go for cascading, romantic hairstyles and incorporate wildflowers into their gowns or hairdo. Grooms, on the other hand, can wear waistcoats or suspenders to complete the look. 

A 1920s-Themed Wedding

No one can deny that the roaring twenties were the golden age of jazz and crazy parties. So, if you want to have a 1920-themed wedding a la Great Gatsby, you should start with your wedding invitations.

Include quotes from the novel in the invitation and decorate them with geometric shapes. For more pizzazz, arrive at your wedding venue in a vintage car.

Moreover, a jazz band can be a perfect fit for the theme, so make sure to include one in your reception. To find a good band, read reviews, and contact the band early for a reservation. Also, make sure that your wedding attire fits the theme.

Many shops provide couples with vintage wear; thus, take your time until you find the perfect suit or dress. Consistency and preparation are key when it comes to pulling off a period-themed wedding.  

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