Moving to a New Country? Here Are Some Important Things to Consider

By  //  February 28, 2020

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Every year countless people relocate to different countries for a multitude of reasons like for work, school or simply a new adventure.

Every year countless people relocate to different countries for a multitude of reasons like for work, school or simply a new adventure. However, if you’re planning on relocating to a new country there are some things you should consider beforehand.

Before moving its critical you open up a new bank account in that country as their banking system may be different from yours. Similarly, getting insurance ahead of time is important so you can be prepared for the unexpected.

Learning some of the basics of the local language will also get you far in your new home. Finally, brushing up on local culture will help you get along with your new neighbors and help avoid sticky situations. This article will go over some tips on what to look into before getting moved to a new country.

Set Up a Bank Account

Many countries require a local bank account to be set-up when newcomers get a visa. Similarly, people like your new landlord or institutions like a school you may be attending may need a local bank account in order to receive payment.

Of course, you can set up a bank account when you arrive, but this can be an added complication when you’re trying to settle into your new settings. One solution is to try to get a bank account set-up before you move to a host country.

Some local banks in the country you plan on moving to may allow you to set up an account from your current country of residence or at least they may be able to provide you with the initial paperwork. Another option would be to set up an account with a bank that has branches in a multitude of countries like HSBC or TD. This will save you a lot of headache when you first arrive.

Make Sure you’re Insured

When you move to a new country many things will be different including their healthcare system, it could work differently from the one you’re used to or it’s standards may not be up to par with your previous country.

According to an article from, getting sick in a new country can be very challenging because you’re simultaneously not feeling well and trying to navigate a new healthcare system at the same time.

By getting an international health insurance you’ll be assisted if you get ill and you’ll gain access to medical professionals of the highest quality. So before you plan on moving it would be a good idea to look into international health insurance.

Practice the Local Language

Nowadays, there are many English speakers in most countries, but depending on where you plan on moving this may not be the case. For instance, in China the larger cities like Shanghai and Beijing have many English speakers, but in some neighborhoods, there will be very few people who know the language.

So when moving to a new country, it’s always a good idea to learn at least the basics of the local language in case the people around you can’t speak your native language.

For instance, if you plan on moving to Peru it would be a good idea to take a Spanish course to learn the basics like how to ask for directions or order food. There are also some phone apps you could get that can assist you with this learning process.

Brush Up on Local Culture

Cultures vary drastically from country to country and even from region to region within a country so it’s crucial you brush up on the culture of the country you plan on moving to in order to avoid breaking local taboos.

For instance, in China, putting chopsticks in rice standing up is what a traditional ancestral worship offering looks like so doing this at the dinner table is considered very rude.

Tipping culture is also very different in some countries; in countries like Korea, Japan or Australia you are not expected to tip at places like restaurants. So before your move, try to pick up a book or watch some videos on the culture of your soon to be new home.

Moving to a new country can be a great new adventure, but it can also come with new challenges; you can help smooth over these difficulties by preparing in advance. Open up a bank account in the new country so you can save time when you first arrive.

Consider getting international health insurance so you’ll get quality healthcare if you get sick. Learn the local language in advance so you can get by if there aren’t many English speakers around so get studying.

Finally, brush up on local customs so not as to do anything taboo. Follow these tips before you move to a new country and the transition will be much easier.