Seven Tips For Growing Your YouTube Channel

By  //  February 19, 2020

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More viewers on YouTube = more revenue and a bigger and healthier channel. So, how do you grow your views, following and account? These tips are here to help.

More viewers on YouTube = more revenue and a bigger and healthier channel. So, how do you grow your views, following and account? These tips are here to help.

Have Videos Around Single Topics Or Keywords

While this might seem obvious, you should build your videos around a single topic or keyword because it is the best way to get the traffic you want and grow your audience. 

People who do not know about SEO best practices will often skip this step, but it is crucial to getting the maximum number of viewers. 

You need to use a keyword tool that is specific to YouTube. They will help you find the most search keywords for the niche you are looking at. 

You need to pick your keyword before you start building your video content as it helps you provide the best information around your chosen topic. 

Doing this also helps you remember to include your keyword naturally in your content so it can be picked up when closed captions are added. After you have chosen your keyword, you need to look at the videos that are ranking for the topic.  

Doing this will ensure that you are on the right track in terms of intent.  You should also optimize the title and description of the video.

Contrary to popular myths, videos of less than 5 minutes are the most successful.  This means you do not have to write a film and keep everything short and sweet. 

Reformat Your Existing Quality Content

One of the easiest ways to grow your channel is to have great content.  The content does not have to be created from scratch. Some of the best videos will come from engaging, useful, valuable and actionable content that you already have. 

A lot of people go to YouTube to find answers and tutorials for the problems they have. If your content solves these problems, it should be a good fit. It is best to look at the content you have that is performing well and convert them into great videos. 

Engage With Your Audience

A lot of people overlook the simple fact that YouTube is a form of social media and you need to have some social interaction.  If you are posting videos without encouraging any discussion or comments, you are missing a trick.

Channels that have a lot of engagement are rewarded by YouTube and one way to do this is to get more views -if you’re interested you can purchase YouTube views from The Marketing Heaven or you can buy YouTube likes at Jaynike.

Other metrics that are looked at include likes, dislikes, watch times, and the overall time spent on the channel.  You should take the time to respond to every comment you get if possible and ask viewers to engage with visual and audio prompts. 

Get Branded

While your content may be great, you need to consider whether your channel is visually appealing.  If you want viewers to take your channel seriously and subscribe, you need to make it look professional.  Branding your channel is a great way to help viewers recognize your content.  

If you have a website or blog, you already have a look and feel that makes you stand out.  It makes sense for you to carry the branding from the website or blog over to your YouTube channel.  This will help recognition and improve your channel. 

Promote Videos On Other Channels

One of the best things about social media is the fact you can cross-promote content.  You need to take the time to promote your videos on other social channels because it is the easiest way to grow your audience. 

There are a lot of social media platforms that you can choose from to promote your content.  

If you are going to promote your content on channels like Facebook where you can post videos directly, you should post a teaser instead of the whole video. 

This will help you get the optimum engagement across all channels. You should also post your videos on your blog or website. 

Show Up

If you run the YouTube channel yourself or as part of a small organization, it can be good to have your own face on the screen.  Putting a face to the brand will help your audience connect with you as an individual and improve the reputation of your channel

This is important for bloggers, coaches, and entrepreneurs.  You do not have to include your face in every video you make, but you should reach out personally to your audience every few videos.  You can also have a photo of yourself on your channel instead of a logo. 

Have Great Thumbnails

This might seem like a little thing, but the thumbnails will have a big impact on viewers.  YouTube will advertise videos using thumbnails on the sidebar and you want yours to stand out. 

Thumbnails will also help you stand out in search. When your video has a catchy title and appealing thumbnail, it will generally rank better even when the content is not as valuable as others. 

This will improve your CTR and you can boost this with highlighted areas, unusual images, unexpected images, arrows, and large text.