Best Destinations For Passionate Travelers to Avoid Coronavirus Infection

By  //  March 26, 2020

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Undoubtedly, the news of COVID-19 spreading from its epicenter in Wuhan, China to around the world is worrying for many travelers.

Undoubtedly, the news of COVID-19 spreading from its epicenter in Wuhan, China to around the world is worrying for many travelers.

Should you travel when the WHO has declared this new strain of coronavirus a pandemic? How high is your risk of getting infected if you travel?

While some countries, like Italy, are in lockdown and not accepting any new visitors at the moment while they try to contain the infection, the good news is that the WHO advises you to keep on traveling but take some extra measures when it comes to hygiene. 

What you should do:

Take hygiene more seriously than you normally would; wash your hands frequently throughout the day with soap and hot water, especially if you’ve been in public places or in contact with strangers.

If you don’t have access to soap and water for washing your hands, carry hand sanitizing gel with you – but bear in mind that this isn’t as effective as good hand-washing, so only use it as a back-up. 

Where to avoid:

The good news is that most destinations are safe to visit in terms of COVID-19 as long as you keep up good hygiene practices.

You should avoid traveling to the areas that have been most affected, which are:

• China and South Asia 

• Italy: The entire country is currently in lockdown, and ski resorts have been closed. The most affected regions are Venice, Milan, Rome, Bergamo, Florence, and Turin. 

• France: Oise, Morbihan, Amiens & Bordeaux

• Germany: Berlin and the Bavaria region

Where are the safest places to travel?

• Corfu, Greece:

Greece is a great place to travel if you are worried about COVID-19, particularly Corfu, where the air quality is up to three times higher than central Paris.

And, the population density here is quite low; 23 times lower than the city of London. It makes the perfect destination for nature, relaxation, and discovery. 

• Kashmir, India

India has controlled covid fantastically considering the fact that it is a third world nation with the largest population. Still, you shouldn’t head to the main cities like Delhi or Mumbai as they are still seeing a rise in the number of fresh cases. So your best bet will be to head to Kashmir where you can enjoy stunning natural beauty, skiing adventures and rejuvenate amidst nature as you forget about the pandemic. So book your Kashmir tour package with reputed providers and keep all covid19 precautions in mind while traveling. From there, you can easily also embark on a Leh Ladakh tour package which is another covid safe zone to enjoy a hassle-free vacation away from pandemic chaos.

• Norway:

The chance of contracting COVID-19 in Norway is relatively low, particularly in the Lofoten Islands, where there have not yet been any cases of coronavirus confirmed so far. To get here, you can get a high-speed train from Bergen to Oslo and embark on a tour to the islands.

You can also make the most of your trip with amazing Northern Lights tours of 2021 in the area. The archipelago is one of the most gorgeous landscapes in Europe, and a quiet, peaceful place ideal for relaxing away from the drama.

• Bodrum, Turkey:

Turkey is one of the European countries least affected by COVID-19. Bodrum is the perfect destination located in southwestern Turkey and bordered by the Aegean Sea.

It’s an idyllic destination ideal for anybody who enjoys scuba diving, relaxing on the beach, eating good food and drinking fine wine. The city is dedicated to leisure and relaxation and during your stay, you’ll find plenty of amazing things to see and do like Bodrum Castle, which is one of the most beautiful castles in Turkey.

Don’t let the coronavirus outbreak ruin your travel plans! If you can’t stand the idea of staying at home, there are plenty of safe destinations to visit. Remember, wash your hands!