Hottest Kitchen Appliance Trends for 2020

By  //  March 1, 2020

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Depending on your personality, cooking, and work in the kitchen can either be one of the worst parts of your day, or one of the best.

Those who hate working in the kitchen are often working with terrible outdated appliances that don’t allow you to add your own creative flair to the dishes you make. With technology improving each and every year, so are kitchen appliances.

From stoves, to ovens, to small handhelds, there is a plethora of kitchen appliances available that are currently all the rage in 2020.

Here are a few examples to help bring your cooking and your kitchen to the next level:

George Foreman Grills

George Foreman Grills are back and are hotter than ever to have. What makes this grill so amazing is the versatility it brings. You can cook so many different items on this grill and not only that, you can set it up for indoor or outdoor usage.

If you are having a barbecue, bring the George Foreman outside and fry up some delicious hamburgers. If you are having a nice dinner inside with friends, keep it in the kitchen and put some nice chicken breasts on there.

According to a blog post, George Foreman’s have a variety of different attachments that can be added on to them. The grills can be substituted with different styles of trays, giving you the option of even steaming or cooking something deep dish.

Regardless of what you are looking to cook, a George Foreman grill will look great in your kitchen and help increase the quality of your cooking.

A meat grinder has become very popular with barbecue grillers who want higher-quality ingredients and meat blends that they just can’t find in a grocery store.

Steam Ovens

Steam ovens are taking the kitchen world by storm and are replacing conventional heating ovens. These ovens are incredible because they help to cook your food amazingly, while also keeping themselves clean.

Steam is often used to clean anything that gets in contact with food, therefore a steam oven will stay perfectly clean while cooking the food the way you want it. If you are looking for something to cook your food while keeping your world clean and sanitary, this is the product for you.

Air Fryers

Another popular appliance that has emerged in late 2019 and into 2020. An air fryer circulates hot air around the food helping to cook it.

Think of it as a portable small convection oven. These air fryers are also capable of deep-frying food without as much oil as a regular deep fryer would do.

This can help you get that deep fry finish you were looking for while still keeping the product somewhat healthy. Looking back on the oven aspect of the appliance, an air fryer can perfectly bake whatever you need and is great for quick projects in the kitchen.

Finally, an air fryer can be taken out of the kitchen and brought to a park easily as long as you are able to power it. The future is here with air fryers and they truly must have kitchen appliances that are all the rage this year.

Touch Controls

Are you tired of having to turn knobs on your stove or oven? The touchscreen revolution is now reaching the kitchen, giving ovens and stoves a knob-free experience. Not only that, but these touch control stoves often cook via electromagnetic field instead of the standard radiant heating method.

These controls will give you the perfect control over the heat on your stove and allow you to drag your finger around the arc of the control to set the heat.

With heating controls as simple as this, there’s no excuse for not attempting to slow cook meat or getting that perfect finish on a steak.

Bluetooth Ready

Once again, technology is making its way into the kitchen in the form of Bluetooth appliances. From the stove, to the oven, to fridges, even to blenders, you will find that Bluetooth is becoming a staple in these devices.

By connecting them via Bluetooth to your network, you can get alerts in other rooms when your food is ready or when it is time to go check on it. If you’re tired of burning your food or need to go run around while cooking, a Bluetooth appliance will help keep your cooking in check.

With so many appliances made for the future, there is no excuse for not enjoying cooking. With these devices, you will be able to cook masterfully, healthily, and have fun. George Foreman Grills are great for parties or even for small meals by yourself. Steam ovens help to keep things clean, while air fryers help to give a healthy alternative.

Finally, a lot of these appliances can be connected with your smart phone and controlled via touch screen. What kitchen appliance are you going to buy?