Latest Online Marketing Strategies For 2020

By  //  March 1, 2020

Online marketing is the process of utilizing digital channels to promote your brand or business. This was brought about by the internet, which was one of the most significant advancements in modern technology.

Online marketing is the process of utilizing digital channels to promote your brand or business. This was brought about by the internet, which was one of the most significant advancements in modern technology.

While online marketing has already been around for the past couple of years, it has continuously evolved to suit the needs of businesses in terms of promoting to their target market in their niche.

Thus, here are some of the latest online marketing strategies which can prove to be beneficial for your business this year and the coming years ahead:

Social Influencer Marketing

Rather than ignoring social media platforms, it is best to use it to your advantage. Apart from creating social media accounts for your business, you can also tap social influencers to promote your products and services.

While in the past, businesses preferred to work with social influencers with a significant number of followers, nowadays, more and more enterprises are looking to work with those who have a smaller number of followers to reach a more targeted audience.

As a result, leveraging social media influencers to promote your products and services become more personalized and authentic. As a result, trust is built between your business and your target market because people tend to follow the recommendations of the people they look up to, rather than conforming to commercial advertising.

Social Media Stories

Social media platforms recently offered the concept of “My Story” to their users and this feature became an instant hit. Thus, utilize this feature to your advantage because this is a trend that you wouldn’t really want to miss.

Social media stories disappear from the users’ view after a certain period of time, so you may be wondering how this can be of an advantage in your online marketing technique.

The thing is, there is a certain Fear Of Missing Out (FOMO feeling), across a wide range of social media users, which you can leverage on.

With social media stories, you will be able to increase brand awareness because of constant engagement with your followers. You can also use the best press release distribution service to distribute your social media stories.

You can also increase the traffic to your website through social media stories, making this a cost-effective digital marketing technique.

Interactive Content

Branding is an important aspect of marketing your business because it sets the tone, style, and purpose of your business. Hence, it is essential to ensure that you have a great website design that is customized according to your business needs.

One of the best ways to ensure that your web page is superb is to integrate interactive content such as AR/VR capabilities, 360-degree video, quiz, and polls. These types of content provide a meaningful reason for your customers to be engaged.

This proves to be something to look forward to in the coming years as technological advancements in the digital world continue to progress. Nevertheless, according to the seasoned digital advertising developers behind Paddle Creative, your business growth is highly dependent on a cohesive strategy that is tailored to your niche.

Thus, it is of equal importance to support your digital advertising with offline materials such as apparel, brochures, and business cards to name a few as a means of personally interacting with your customers.

Conversational Marketing

Aside from interactive content, your marketing ads should also be on a more personal level. This is how you will be able to keep your users engaged because they will feel like you are talking directly to them rather than to the general public.

Thus, your web, email, and mobile ad content should be geared towards a more personal tone. You can use conversational marketing technologies to aid you in implementing this strategy.

This type of software will ensure that the emails you send out to your users greet them with their first name.

Additionally, this type of software will also guarantee that your chatbots respond very much like how a real human person would typically reply that the user won’t be able to detect that he or she is engaging a conversation with a chatbot.

Video Streaming

Video content was already a hit in the past couple of years and you can expect this trend to continue with online marketing. This is because numerous people now prefer to watch videos to gain the information that they are after, rather than read long texts.

In the past, online videos were mostly recorded and embedded in the business page, or in their social media accounts. However, video content was also revolutionized in recent years, allowing users to include real-time videos on their sites.

Even social media platforms leveraged on this advancement, offering live video streaming service through their channels. Thus, you can expect more video streaming content as a trend in the coming years, particularly in 2020.


Micro-moments are those moments wherein users turn into their handheld devices in order to look for a certain solution to their current dilemma immediately.

Such moments are when users are looking for a place to eat while they are in a foreign land, or looking for a plumber when they find that the pipe under their kitchen sink is leaking.

It is during these moments that the relevant ad displayed at the right time leads customers to the business. Therefore, you need to heavily take advantage of these micro-moments in the coming year.

How? Your marketing strategy must be useful and promptly present, especially in the events when the expectations of the consumers are high, whilst their patience is low. Research about your target market and study their behavior to be able to be present at the right time in these micro-moments.

Online marketing strategies have been revolutionized in the past couple of years.

Online marketing strategies have been revolutionized in the past couple of years. Thus, it is important for your business to be able to adapt to the fast-changing pace in terms of digital marketing and advertisements to ensure that you will be able to effectively promote your brand to your target audience. This will guarantee that you will have a fair share of the market and earn a positive revenue from it.