Quick Fix: How to Deal With Common iPhone Problems

By  //  March 23, 2020

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Since the launch of the first iPhone, Apple has been steamrolling the competition with a lot of innovations and developments.

But just like with anything, you’re bound to run into various technical problems while you’re using your iPhone at some point in your life. 

To help you navigate some of the complexities of iPhone problems, we decided to create this guide to provide you with a few tips on how to fix the most common iPhone issues that pop up.

Forgetting the passcode

iPhones are known to be one of the most secure smartphones available on the market. You’ll be in a tight spot if you disabled it by entering the wrong password too many times.

The good news is that according to the iPhone experts at https://www.netchimp.co.uk/, there is a way to gain back entrance to your iPhone even if it’s disabled. There are separate detailed guides for different hardware versions, in addition to guides that can leave you with the data on the phone still intact, even if you don’t have a backup.

No new updates

If you bought an iPhone that’s still being supported by Apple in terms of software upgrades, you should be able to see any new version released in your update tab. Some people report not being able to see the new iOS upgrades even though their phones are quite new.

To resolve this issue, connect your device to your computer and do a force restart. In recovery mode, you’ll be able to update your iPhone manually without erasing any data.

If you’re still unable to upgrade, make sure you have a backup and then restore the iPhone to its factory settings. Once you get the latest update, restore the backup data onto your iPhone.

The white screen of death

Some unlucky users who face updates, jailbreak, or hardware issues can be met with the white screen of death. It’s a white unresponsive screen that doesn’t go away most of the time without restarting or resetting the iPhone. If you’re lucky, a quick restart should do the job.

If not, you’ll need to try hard resetting; still unresponsive? Trying to boot into DFU mode. Booting into your DFU mode and restoring your original iPhone settings works the majority of the time.

Battery draining quickly

The plague of most smartphone users is a battery that drains quickly. While Apple has been improving its battery’s lifespan and efficiency over the years, sometimes obstacles may arise from a user-side front.

If you notice that your battery has gotten weaker after an iOS upgrade, it’s time to tackle some of the apps that hog your battery like there is no tomorrow. You can start by doing a clean factory reset, and then monitor the battery usage of different apps to find unnecessary ones that drain the battery faster than others; remove them if you can.


If you’ve been on your iPhone for a good while, chances are, you probably crossed paths with the overheating message that asks you to leave the phone for it to cool down. While this may be sensible in long gaming sessions, random overheating may spell a bigger problem.

Try to tackle the issue first by removing the case, minimizing usage in hot environments and sunlight, and even switching it off when it’s hot to the touch.

It’s also recommended to avoid using it while it’s being charged as that can shorten the battery’s life. If all fails, reset all the settings and check to see if you’re missing out on any updates.

Inability to connect to Wi-Fi

A lot of users are reporting a Wi-Fi connection problem lately, which is a very inconvenient problem. If other devices can connect to the Wi-Fi, it means that it’s your iPhone that’s specifically having a problem. Try restarting all of the devices associated with the connection, including the modem and router.

If this fails to fix the problem, go to your settings and completely reset the network settings and try again. This will reroll the internet settings back to its original state, removing passwords and VPN settings. 

App troubles

Some apps may start to malfunction or behave weirdly after a new update, sometimes out of the blue. Find the apps that are crashing unexpectedly, and then visit their page on the app store to see if they’re rolling out an update. If you haven’t updated your iOS version, that can also be the culprit which causes apps to misbehave.

If you still can’t get the app to work, uninstall and reinstall it. As a final measure, you can contact the developer to see if they know anything about this problem.

Everything man-made is prone to malfunction since there are a lot of variables at play. Losing some of your phone’s capabilities, these days can seriously stale your days.

Make sure to spend some time researching your problem if it’s a persisting one, and you’ll hopefully encounter some pretty ingenious solutions to issues you thought were irreparable.