Fascinating Facts About Patriotism

By  //  April 4, 2020

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Patriotism refers to the pride and love that citizens have in their country. Citizens show patriotism to their homelands in various ways, which include saluting the national flag, celebrating, and singing their national anthem.

The national-patriotic day for America happens to be July 4, 1776. On that day, 13 colonies declared their independence, and that’s how the country was born.

Since then, Americans have been holding this annual celebration to celebrate their freedom, to honor the nation founders, and to show patriotism to their country.

Citizens also make use of patriotic day to reflect the issues facing their country and probably, come up with immediate solutions. Here are crucial fascinating facts that you should know about patriotism.

1. The current flag for the United States was designed by a teen.

The current flag was designed by a 17-year-old boy, Robert Heff, in 1958. The flag was part of a school project for Robert, where the school teacher gave him a B-.

The teacher, however, changed the grade to an A when the flag project was chosen to be the national flag for the country. Since then, the country has used the 51 stars flag to show patriotic options for all Americans.

Citizens use the flag during vital national congregations and celebrations. Other patriots also use the flag colors in their homes, clothes, and other accessories to show off the love they have for their country.

The flag has thirteen stripes which represent the thirteen colonies that helped the country get its independence from the British. The white color signifies peace; the red color symbolizes bravery while the blue color shows justice and perseverance.

2. The Independence declaration was a justification against the British.

The independence declaration in the United States was a revolt justification against the British. Americans made a list of multiple charges against the British King George III. Some of those grievances included improper taxation and forced housing for military personnel.

The declaration was initially made on July 2, although the final revision was done on July 4. The declaration was signed by only two people, John Hancock, who was the president of Congress, and this secretary Charles Thompson.

The remaining 56 delegates signed the declaration in August 1776.

3. July 4 reports many fireworks injuries.

Independence Day in America is a busy day for many people. The patriots engage in fireworks and other fun activities that end up hurting many people.

For instance, in 2017, the country reported more than 12,900 injuries related to fireworks. According to the United States product safety commission, men suffer the most, followed by young children.

The injuries are usually related to burns, due to the fireworks. Also, most of the injuries happen on the hands and fingers. 

4. Three United States presidents died on July 4.

It’s a fact that three founding fathers of the United States died on Independence Day. These presidents are James Monroe, John Adams, and Thomas Jefferson. James Monroe was the fifth president of the United States, and he died on July 4, 1831.

The death of James Monroe happened exactly five years later after John Adams and Thomas Jefferson died on July 4, 1826. The three iconic deaths show coincidence, considering that July 4 is a symbolic day for US citizens.

5. President Zachary Taylor passed on after celebrating an Independence Day party.

Zachary Taylor didn’t die on July 4, like the other three presidents. He, however, passed on five days later on July 9, 1850. According to reports surrounding his death, the president succumbed to cholera after an Independence Day celebration party.

He reportedly took heaps of tainted fruits and iced milk before developing severe stomach pains. Zachary Taylor was the twelve serving president of the United States, and he met his death in 1850.

6. New York displays the highest number of fireworks.

New York reports the highest number of fireworks during the Independence Day celebrations. Basically, people close their shops, schools, and businesses to celebrate with their dear ones at home.

Most New York City residents leave their houses to make barbecue at Fire Island and Long Island. At night, the state performs many fireworks that draw more than three million spectators.

Final Remarks

Patriotic days present an excellent opportunity for loyal citizens to visit essential monuments, to celebrate, and to appreciate the founding fathers of their nations.

Young generations should learn to be nationalistic so they can lead the country to a better future. They can start attending the patriotic events as they mature so that they can learn about the past and the current accomplishments of their states.

In this day and age, it is important for the youth to start practicing nationalism for the country to progress even more.