Increasingly Dangerous Summer Sun

By  //  April 28, 2020

Summer is approaching bringing its beautiful glory, but this season also comes with some dangers. The reality is that the sunlight people enjoy now is increasingly different and more dangerous in various ways.

Summer is approaching bringing its beautiful glory, but this season also comes with some dangers. The reality is that the sunlight people enjoy now is increasingly different and more dangerous in various ways.

Why is the Sun More Dangerous?

The reality is sunlight is not like it was many years ago. The earth has an ozone layer, which is something most people learn about in grade school.

This layer is there for all sorts of reasons, one being to protect the earth from the intensity of the sun. Yes, the earth needs sunlight and a lot of it can pass through, but the ozone layer helps shield the earth from powerful UV rays.

The problem is the ozone layer that all life depends on has slowly been degraded. There are a few reasons why this might be happening, like human being’s dependence on gasoline and how much contamination human beings create.

The damage is reversible but only if the world decides to act. Sadly, many countries refuse to do so, such as the United States among others.

Will Normal Precautions Work?

Okay, for a long time, people didn’t have to worry about UV rays as much. A little sunscreen was more than enough to protect them when they went out on a beautiful summer day.

That regular precaution is no longer adequate. The amount of UV rays getting through the ozone layer is excessive, so you need to take additional precautions.

For example, you are going to have to consider purchasing some glasses online that have UV protection. You are also going to have to put on sunscreen with a higher SPF number than you would normally wear.

Even these changes might not be enough, so make sure you pay attention to see what other solutions come out because companies focused on UV protection simply haven’t caught up with these changes just yet.

What Kind of Dangers Come With the Sun?

A lot of dangers are linked to sunlight now more than ever. Studies show that some of the changes taking place are affecting human beings causing issues like skin cancer.

Most people know that skin cancer is linked to UV rays, but with more of these rays getting through, the cases have spiked. The problem may continue to rise if nothing is done.

UV rays damage skin cells, and this could end up developing into skin cancer if it happens often. Your eyes are also in danger now that there’s so much UV exposure.

Some people are developing issues like cataracts and macular degeneration, just to name a few. It should be pointed out that even if you don’t develop skin cancer, excessive UV ray exposure can also lead to the appearance of premature wrinkles.

What Can Be Done?

A lot could be done to deal with this problem. You can talk to your local politicians to find out what steps are being taken to try to combat this growing problem. You could also take steps to reduce your carbon footprint, and this can be done in a few ways.

Some people choose to install solar panels to reduce their dependence on electricity, which is made using gas or coal that are major contributors to the gases that harm the earth.

Other people decide to purchase hybrid vehicles or electric vehicles to combat this issue. Once you’ve learned how to do your part, you could try to pass on the knowledge to get more people involved.

How Should You Protect Yourself?

There are a few things you can do now that you know about this problem. For one, it may be a good idea to talk to your doctor to see if any damage has been done and if it could be reversed. As sad as it might be, going out for long periods during the summer might not be a good idea.

You’ve got sunscreen and may be wearing your sunglasses, but you may want to keep your outings to a minimum and try to stay in the shade.

Consider going to indoor gyms or pools instead of the beach sometimes. You can still show off your summer body; just don’t stay in the sun too long.

You can install a UV protective film on your car windows and even on your home’s windows if you want. Do your best to minimize the amount of UV rays you’re exposed to.

No one is saying the summertime can’t be enjoyed like any other summer, just with a few changes and precautions. Maybe things will get better since many people are trying to make positive changes, but that hasn’t happened just yet.