How Do You Survive Your Freshman’s Year? Five Tips for Prospective Students

By  //  May 20, 2020

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“I got in! I got in!” – messages flew to all the girlfriends, and the phone rang off. I realized that I had worked for eleven years, read a lot of books, and went to extra classes.

“I got in! I got in!” – messages flew to all the girlfriends, and the phone rang off. I realized that I had worked for eleven years, read a lot of books, and went to extra classes.

The joy of the fact that all my efforts paid off, winged, made me smile and imagine that soon I’ll be a student … But as soon as I saw the schedule, and my mouth dried up: “How will I do all in time?”. First of all, you may use this website But if you would like to follow a more complicated way, then read our tips.

The first weeks at university can be described like this: you were swimming peacefully surrounded by colorful fish and enjoying the peace of mind when suddenly someone pulled you out of the water by your hair.

I didn’t have time to notice how familiar school classrooms turned into classrooms, teachers into teachers, and classes into couples that lasted an hour and a half. I’m not even talking about how many new faces and names had to be remembered.

Tip one: Learn how to plan your day, follow the regime, and read a mountain of books in a fairly short time.

It’s important to do it now. Time is the most valuable resource, and you will miss it at university. New friends, walks, parties, part-time jobs, term papers… So plan not only for the day ahead but for the whole week. And do not postpone everything to the last moment, because sometimes things go wrong, and suddenly you suddenly need to break down and go to the hospital/conference/work. 

Tip two: Make friends with your senior students. 

Feel free to meet them, because the university is not an army. The guys from high school will tell you about the teachers, and also their manuals and control work with a high degree of probability will be given to you “by inheritance” free of charge. By the way, do not forget to thank the tutor at least with chocolate, he will be pleased.

Tip three: Be open and sociable in the dormitory.

If you are moving to another city, but do not plan to rent an apartment on your own, then prepare to blend into a new world – a student residence.

Your new friends on the floor, block, room can help you out. For example, wake you up if you are afraid to sleep, help with your homework, or banal share with you some products that you forgot to buy. Appreciate their help and be prepared to support your new neighbors and help them if needed.

Tip four: Remember the transport that goes from university to home.

Of course, everyone now has applications with a city map and public transport schedule, but the phones have a tendency to run down at the most inopportune moment. In order not to get lost in a foreign city, remember at least a few buses that you can take to your home or hostel. 

Tip five: Don’t miss P.E. classes.

It’s a simple rule that’s so hard to follow. We are used to treating this academic discipline mediocrely, but in higher education institutions physical education is a separate subject, on which even lectures are given. And it is precise because of the absenteeism of such lectures that the most difficulties are connected.

You have to admit, it would be a shame if you were expelled because of sports debts. So it is better not to miss physical education or any other studies without a valid reason.