Tips for Finding the Best Bamboo Pillow

By  //  May 19, 2020

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If you want a hypoallergenic pillow alternative that will help you get a good night’s rest, then you should look into bamboo pillows.

If you want a hypoallergenic pillow alternative that will help you get a good night’s rest, then you should look into bamboo pillows.

While the name might suggest something rigid and uncomfortable, bamboo pillows are immensely comfortable and supportive. These are pillows filled with an assortment of materials, typically foam, which are wrapped in a synthetic fiber mixture containing bamboo. 

Compared to your average pillow, a bamboo pillow is more hygienic, cooler to sleep on, and makes it easier to stay asleep at night. However, it’s important to ensure you buy the right bamboo pillow or you run the risk of buying an ineffective product.

According to Best Sleep Health, this entails looking at factors including “price, shape, comfort, durability, support level, customer satisfaction, a low returns rate, and adjustable height.”

To help you pick the best bamboo pillow for resolving your sleeping woes, we have a few tips for you below. 

Consider Your Sleeping Position

The first thing you should start with is to consider your sleeping position.

You likely sleep in a variation of one of three different positions. This includes sleeping on your back, your stomach, and your side.

Each sleeping position has your body, head, and neck resting differently. To properly support you in each position, you need a pillow well-suited to that position.

The main difference here is going to be the pillow height. Taller pillows are better for side sleepers while thin pillows are best for back sleepers. Stomach sleeping is not good for your body, but it also pairs best with a thin pillow.

With this in mind, you should figure out what type of sleeper you are. Once you know, you’ll want a bamboo pillow height that accommodates this. 

Carefully Pick Your Filling

You also need to be careful about the pillow filling that you pick. 

We mentioned earlier that most bamboo pillows are filled with foam. Some are filled with gel, but foam is going to be the common find. 

While foam can be a good filler, some foam is poor quality and this makes for a terrible pillow. This will mean it will flatten quicker, require constant reshaping, and may provide no support at all.

Alternatively, high-quality foam is wonderful to sleep on and can fully protect your neck and spine. 

The best way to test a pillow’s filler is by using it, but this usually isn’t an option before buying. Instead, your biggest indicator is often going to be price. The cost won’t always dictate foam quality, but it typically will mean better material filling inside the bamboo pillow. 

Look for Adjustability

Another important feature is being able to adjust the filling of the pillow.

As you use your bamboo pillow, it will inevitably lose its fluff and form. If you can adjust the filling, then this is a simple problem to fix.

Alternatively, a bamboo pillow with no zipper to let you inside will be a source of frustration. It will provide little comfort and will have a far shorter lifespan. 

Even with a high-quality bamboo pillow, you’ll still need to adjust the filling to ensure that it retains its form. This will happen less often, but will still be a requirement every so often.

Considering this, you need to have access to the filling. This gives you the ability to reshape it and add more if needed. As a result, the pillow will last much longer and you can ensure your pillow brings you good sleep every night. 

Vented Covers Offer Breathability

A final tip is that a vented cover offers the greatest breathability for a cool night of sleep.

Chances are, you’ve probably gone through the struggle of trying to find the cool side of your pillow. You might flip it constantly, always savoring the fresh feeling on your face when it’s cold.

There’s a much better solution to this and that’s finding a breathable pillow. Bamboo pillows are particularly effective at this if they are vented

With a vented cover, there are more holes under your head and this provides better heat distribution. As a result, your body temperature will stay regular and you won’t overheat. 

This is especially important during the summer when any amount of relief from the heat is critical. When you can stay cool, your sleep quality will also improve. 

Closing Thoughts

Bamboo pillows are an excellent hypoallergenic alternative to down pillows. They’re extremely comfortable and provide several benefits that lead to better sleep each night.

Finding a good bamboo pillow can be tricky as they vary in quality and your unique situation will dictate which will work best for you. 

A few tips to help you find one include to consider your sleeping position, carefully picking your filling, looking for adjustability, and picking a vented cover for breathability. 

If you’re having a hard time falling asleep at night or just want a new pillow, try out a bamboo pillow! You can sleep safely knowing that you have a hygienic and supportive pillow resting under your head.


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