Matt Green, Ideazon Co-Founder Talks About the Power of Crowdfunding

By  //  July 21, 2020

Crowdfunding has been a transformational tool for entrepreneurs and inventors, across nearly every sector. A big challenge with launching a new idea is fundraising.

Crowdfunding has been a transformational tool for entrepreneurs and inventors, across nearly every sector. A big challenge with launching a new idea is fundraising.

Not only does crowdfunding give you access to nearly limitless funds, but it also reduces your risk as an entrepreneur, without having to give up equity in your idea before it’s even a reality. 

Crowdfunding is an incredibly powerful tool, and no one knows that better than Matt Green. As one of the key executives and big brains behind the crowdfunding agency Ideazon, Green is an expert when it comes to crowdfunding. 

We caught up with Matt Green to pick his brain about why crowdfunding is so powerful, and why every entrepreneur should turn to crowdfunding for their projects.

Hey Matt, tell us about your history with crowdfunding.

I’ve spent more than seven years in this industry, which is a long time, considering it’s still fairly new. It basically started in 2012.

Not only that, but I’ve been entrenched in crowdfunding marketing and crowdfunding advertising, which gives me unique insight, and the skills necessary for Ideazon. I co-founded Ideazon, and I also serve as the Head Crowdfund Strategist.

My specific techniques have helped promote hundreds of successful crowdfunding campaigns from around the world.

What did you do before that led you to crowdfunding?

I was involved in the LA tech startup scene, and helped entrepreneurs get their ideas off the ground the old way: by getting traction and raising venture capital. Having those experiences really made me appreciate the value in crowdfunding, and I’m able to apply those exact same strategies to my crowdfunding work.

Why is crowdfunding such a game changer?

Like I said, I came from the old school way of doing things, boots-on-the-ground, raising venture capital. Crowdfunding transformed the landscape of fundraising entirely. With crowdfunding, you don’t need to coax these impossible backers into supporting you, and you certainly don’t need to give away some of your equity.

You get to tap into the power of the internet, which has no limit. And at Ideazon, we’ve seen some really exciting things come through the door.

Why do you think a crowdfunding agency is even necessary?

The landscape is very accessible, and there’s a low barrier of entry. Meaning there are a ton of high quality projects competing against one another.

Not only are there high quality projects, but crowdfunding is really high visibility. Meaning you don’t want to get your crowdfunding campaign wrong, because everyone will see it, and that’s what they’ll associate your brand with. 

You need to knock it out of the park on the first try, and we’re the experts who can help you get there. We can take on any category of project, from nearly any stage, and successfully crowdfund it. We’ve smashed crowdfunding goals before, and we’ll do it again and again.

What does an entrepreneur need to know about partnering with you?

We’re always looking for hungry and creative entrepreneurs to partner with. Our team combs through our submissions, looking for the ones we think are the best fit for working with us.

We do get a high volume of submissions, but we have eyes on everything, because we never know what great idea we can partner with next.