How Ian Bentley Has Made a Great Impact in the Automotive Industry?

By  //  August 18, 2020

Online marketing expert and entrepreneur, Ian Bentley, changes the channel in the Automotive industry.

Online marketing expert and entrepreneur, Ian Bentley, changes the channel in the Automotive industry.

Ian Bentley has anatomized the cost-value equation and come up with new retail ideas. His stories have been convincing enough to attract millions of consumer leads that resulted in tens of millions of dollars of direct sales in the Automotive industry.

Internet technology has lowered entry limit for other entrepreneurs with new concepts about helping customers find, evaluate and buy new vehicles.

These patterns are consistent with revolutions in other consumer durables markets that productively transferred market power from manufacturers to retailers.

The graduate of University of Florida was able to build an online marketing company that focused on lead generation for businesses in the automotive industry, starting the business from scratch and building it to become a dominant force in the industry before selling it for 8 figures after seven years.

Ian Bentley’s experience as an entrepreneur and digital marketing expert has helped his personal brand as he currently consults for several multinationals even after selling his company.

Ian unexpectedly transformed the business of selling cars and trucks online before our eyes at an incredible pace, promising to change forever an industry that has long been noted for its high costs, poor service and extremely unpleasant selling process.

 “By owning the largest privately held lead generation agency in the Automotive space before our acquisition, I was looked as an authority in the lead gen space. After our acquisition, being a high-profile executive allowed me create new an innovative marketing strategies, as well as consult with other top executives in major companies such as General Motors, Ford, and other top players in the space.” Ian Bentley stated when he was asked about making a name for himself in the industry. 

In response, Ian is serious about new social media marketing initiatives, and confronting the weaknesses embedded in his traditional franchised-dealer distribution channels.

In addition to the auto space, Ian is currently expanding his expertise in the customer life-cycle value chain to improve profitability and grow in markets that have been largely stagnant.

This changes the basis of competition from designing and making good products to providing services and managing consumer purchase and ownership experiences for which the products themselves are only partly responsible.

Both consumers and the dealers are clear winners. He has confident that evolution of the industry will require a better understanding of the life-cycle value equations of both sellers and buyers, as the development of innovative strategies to capture that value and make the process easier as the online landscape becomes more prevalent.