The Key to Speed Writing and How to Write Any Assignment in a Few Hours

By  //  August 25, 2020

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Whether you’re a student working on your next assignment, a professional trying to manage time to complete your project, or any creative person involved in some freewriting, turning a quick writer can make a massive difference between a fruitful endeavor and one that fizzles out.

However, due to a lack of expertise and skills, many students seek an assignment writing service online to complete their work and submit it on time. Writing speed is a nerve-racking process, but enforcing some easy habits can assist you to spend less time in your brain and more time racing through each bout of writer’s block that comes your way.

For many students, writing itself is a challenge, let alone speed writing. However, this technique, once mastered, would be saving lots of your time and effort as well as your nervous system.

Even though many people believe that speed writing affects the quality, writers from agree that it is possible to complete your writing assignments faster while keeping them as good as possible.

Speed writing is a special kind of art that comes to people who have good writing skills and developed imagination. The kind of assignment and its topic also affect the success of writing and your productivity.

However, being able to write fast does not bring any changes to your preparation. You still need to brainstorm ideas, research, draft an outline, and proofread the final paper. After all, it is more about your focus, creativity, and typing speed.

There are a few useful tips that can make you better and faster when it comes to writing. Here they are.

Get a Perfect Idea of the Assignment

Before you get to write something, try to understand it first. Whatever the task is, it is essential for a student to read the rubric and the instructions to get an idea of what the professor is expecting from you.

Thus, make sure you understand every step of the way you should be taking while writing. The same applies to the topic. There must be no confusion about what you are to write about. The smooth flow of ideas can only be reached if you are well-aware of what you are supposed to discuss in your writing.

Research Your Topic

In order to distract less while writing, you should complete some preparatory work. Research as much as you can on your topic and prepare some juicy citations that you can use as evidence. Find all the information that sounds relevant to you and can be taken as solid proof for your ideas and suggestions.

The more you prepare, the faster you’ll write. This kind of research preparation will provide you with ideas to come along and you will not get distracted on research every time you lack evidence.

Take Notes of All Ideas

Before you even get to writing, your mind will generate ideas about what you should or should not include in your paper. Our recommendation is to take notes of all these thoughts not to lose them. Some will be very much useful when you actually start writing.

Draft an Outline

You should consider creating an outline for your writing assignment to establish a structure. You can get distracted while writing. This draft will help you stay tuned.

Also, an outline will provide you a foundation to build upon based on the required structure and expected word count. If you manage to create a pretty clear outline, there should not be a problem for you to stick to it.

Arrange a Quiet Workplace

You’d be surprised but all these surrounding noises affect your ability to concentrate, and, thus, write fast. If you constantly hear someone talking or kids playing,  you will barely be able to keep focus for an extended period of time.

Therefore, it is important to find a quiet place with little no no noise and disable all notifications for a few hours. This is the only way you can succeed in speed writing and actually save your time.

Have Everything You May Need at Hand

Be it stationary or water, you’ll need to have it at hand in your writing haven. This place should be equipped with all necessities for comfortable and productive work. Analyze what you may need, including such things as a lamp, chair, desk, and laptop and prepare it all.

The place should definitely be a sanctuary for productivity and efficiency. Anything that distracts you needs to go.

Do Not Focus on Your Typing Speed

Thanks to instant messaging, we all can type pretty fast. It should not be a problem for you. Thus, do not waste your time thinking whether your typing speed is a key to speed writing. It is not. The constant flow of ideas and your ability to turn them into nice sentences are.

Therefore, listen to yourself and pay attention to your subject-matter knowledge and skills. Try to recall readings that you’ve had during the course. They will definitely supply you with some ideas that might speed up your writing. Links to your course will definitely be appreciated by your professor.

Pay Attention to Referencing

Writing fast still requires preserving quality standards. Thus, you should be following the same referencing and formatting guidelines as you would without practicing speed writing.

You need to reference external sources in text and create respective listings on your reference page. Refrain from plagiarism, following the best practices of academic writing. A few sentences taken from an external source and not referenced can cost you your place in higher ed.

Edit and Proofread

When you feel like you are done writing, editing and proofreading are something you should still spend your time on. No matter how satisfied with the outcome you are, there will be a few places where you’ll need to make changes.

Proofreading usually takes 10-20 minutes; editing may take longer. It all depends on the length of your paper. However, by doing this work on your own, you improve your speed writing quality and make sure your paper lives up to all standards. Do not ignore this final step.

Wrapping It Up

Speed writing is an art that every student can master. It really helps in completing large academic assignments in a relatively short time. However, it requires a certain kind of preparation.

The speed should not affect the quality of your writing in any way. Your paper is still subject to anti-plagiarism policies, and referencing guidelines. It should also be proofread and edited.

Such a writing practice indeed helps cut writing time and come up with a perfect essay in just a few hours. Some students manage to mobilize all their resources so much that speed writing becomes the only way they handle academic assignments.

You should try it. Maybe it is your way out from hanging deadlines and ever-lasting stress.