Unaverred Passion and Determination Have Made William Rodda Rise as a Talented Actor and Musician

By  //  September 29, 2020

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Unaverred passion and determination have made William Rodda rise as a talented actor and musician.

William Rodda’s rise to the top in the music and acting field is due to him taking a stand on matters and doing what is right.

Artists must be relentless at their work, to constantly evolve their art and talents. In the long run, an artists’ passion and determination help them be at the top of the entertainment industry.

The longevity of an artist depends on various factors, and one such young artist has emerged in the industry, who has taken the music and acting fields by the storm, he is William Rodda.

William hails from Brisbane, Australia, and has marveled at the arts of music and acting. He has emerged as a fantastic artist who possesses robust music and acting skills. Right from his childhood, William was interested in becoming a musician and also evolved as an actor.

But before he ascends to the top, William was turned into a hero in real life as well. A year ago, a fire broke out in William’s neighborhood, and the then 16-year-old saved a toddler from being engulfed in the flames. He showed that humanity is very much alive. The incident boosted confidence in him and set him off to pursue a career in music and acting.

William enlists a few habits musicians and actors should cultivate to make it in the business:

1. Cultivate the habit of reading books: Artists must-read books, read the experiences of fellow actors or musicians. For actors, William says reading books is better than reading scripts. Reading ignites the imagination and boosts the creative muscle in your mind.

2. Be a good listener: To be successful in the entertainment industry, William believes that being an avid listener helps you become a better actor. The same stands true for musicians. To listen is a challenge and if you master that, then great things can be accomplished in the entertainment sector.

3. Don’t waste time on the phone: To be fully focused on your art, you need to cut the use of your phone. Social media platforms consume an ample amount of time off artists’ day if they are not careful. Artists should develop the skill to use the phone only when it is needed and not get distracted from the work due to it.

4. Take a stand: As a musician and actor, William believes that taking a stand enhances the confidence of the artists. Forming opinions elevates the thought-process and imagination and elevates the artists’ art.

William Rodda’s passion and determination for music and acting helped him rise as a young talented artist.