7 Basic Kitchen Tools That Will Help You in Cooking Better

By  //  October 5, 2020

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With the recent pandemic rampaging worldwide, many young professionals are forced to embrace the work from home setting.

With this current setting, people are slowly but surely engaging in the kitchen. The often neglected kitchen is now becoming a haven for professionals and homemakers alike.

People spend more time in the kitchen than go out and eat in a restaurant during these times. This current trend brings about an opportunity to upgrade and update your kitchen tools. With better kitchen tools, your cooking experience will be a breeze. That is where we come in as we have listed seven essential kitchen tools that will help you cook better.

Non-Stick Frying Pan

The non-stick frying pan is an essential kitchen must-have because this will take care of your everyday frying tasks. A non-stick frying pan is also very versatile as it can not only handle cooking breakfast staples like pancakes, fried eggs, and fried rice but also dishes that can be classified as main courses. It is also perfect for searing meats and sauteing vegetables.

If you want a more robust and rustic frying tool, you can opt for a cast-iron skillet. The cast-iron skillets can retain heat much longer than other frying pans and heat the surface more evenly. Cast iron skillets are also built to last and almost impossible to destroy. However, the cast-iron skillet does need to be “seasoned” before you can use it.

Electric Rice Cooker

Have you ever cooked rice in a pot, and the result was a wet and gooey mush? If your answer is “Yes,” then the electric rice cooker is the perfect tool for you. The first rice cooker was made in 1955 in Japan, and decades after its birth, modern rice cookers have gone a long way as some models can cook porridge and rice cakes.

As you know, rice is a staple food in Latin and Asian countries. It goes best with meat, fish, and vegetables. Purchasing a rice cooker is the answer to your woes. Having an electric rice cooker will eliminate the guesswork and guarantee that you will cook the perfect rice every time you use it. The modern rice cooker is by far the most efficient way to cook your rice.

Kitchen Knife Set

How can one cook without a knife? Having a complete and high-quality knife set will give any home cook the confidence they need to create good food regardless of their skill level. As the saying goes, a good knife is a chef’s best friend. If you’re serious about improving your cooking skills, investing in a good knife is one of the best ways to do that.

Knives are arguably the most used kitchen tool there is. With that being said, you must pick a knife that has good quality, feels good in the hand, and you can wield it with ease. A complete set of knives include a standard Chef’s knife, a paring knife, a bread knife or slicer, and a carving knife.

Wooden Chopping Board

We already discussed knives and their importance in the kitchen. Now, let’s talk about its counterpart, the trusty wooden chopping board. If the knife is the kitchen’s Batman, then the wooden chopping board is its Robin. The knife and the chopping board go hand in hand as the wooden shopping board keeps the knife from dulling so quickly.

The wooden chopping board has a lot of importance. Aside from providing a sturdy and stable surface for cutting meat and other produce to avoid injury, the wooden chopping board also eliminates and kills bacteria by trapping it on the inside.

Rubber Spatulas

Cooking in the kitchen does not only require frying and boiling. Cooking also involves mixing ingredients. Spatulas are often used in mixing wet and dry ingredients. If you are an avid cake and pastry enthusiast, then the rubber spatula is your go-to tool for mixing and scraping the contents of your bowls. All this without scratching the surfaces of your bowls.
Mixing and Prep Bowls

Aside from measuring and storing ingredients and food portions, prep bowls also make your kitchen more organized. An organized kitchen will give you a fluid workflow that conserves your energy while cooking. Prep bowls also give you a way of identifying what condiments they contain.

Mixing bowls, on the other hand, play an integral part in a chef’s everyday life. From mixing cake batter to tossing veggies for salads, one cannot undermine the simple mixing bowl’s importance. Mixing bowls can also be used as a double boiler when needed.


Blenders have a wide array of functions in the kitchen. Chefs use the blender to liquefy fruit and vegetables. Blenders are also used in making ice cream, shakes, and smoothies. Having a blender can also make juicing easier. It is essential to regularly have your daily dose of fruits and vegetables, and having a blender definitely makes that a possibility.


There are still many kitchen tools that you can use for you to be better at cooking. What we listed are just the essential tools you need to start our culinary journey. Having the right tools is great, but you need to practice using them for you to be a better cook.