7 Shocking Misconceptions about Online Therapists

By  //  October 19, 2020

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If you want to know the top 7 misconceptions on online therapists and why they are wrong, read on!

Online therapists often get a bad rep for their profession just because it is done online. Assumptions about their job and their legitimacy are always being thrown at them, and here are the top 7 shocking misconceptions on online therapists.

1.     Therapists Over the Internet are not Effective

Lately, the efficacy of online therapists for patients who need mental and behavioral assistance has been under fire for not being as effective as in-person therapy.

But researches do not lie.

This journal that was published in 2018 states that computer therapy for anxiety and depression disorder is effective, acceptable, and practical health care.

Especially during times like this when everybody is still adjusting to the “new normal”, it is essential for us to find alternatives to what we usually did before. Instead of meeting up with your in-person therapist, there are a lot of online therapists that could help you just the same.

2. It is Hard to Find Great Online Therapists

Some people assume that finding great and effective online therapists just because they are afraid of being scammed.

Look no further!

There are tons of online platforms that offer a wide selection of available therapists online.

Credible online therapy websites:

• Good Therapy

• Better Help

• Online Therapy

• Therapy Tribe

Each website offers hundreds of available online therapists and a list of their credentials and achievements. Rest assured that being treated by therapists found online is effective and legitimate.

3. Online Therapists are Not Real Therapists

This is probably the most common misconception about therapists that are available online – that they are not certified and licensed. However, a lot of online platforms provide information of the therapist on their web pages.

Information such as their degree, the University that they went to, their in-person offices, and a list of their achievements all throughout their journey as therapists are readily available,

There are also reviews on the therapists from their patients online. They talk about their experiences with that certain therapist and how they were able to get better with the help of their counselor.

4. It is Hard to Connect With Your Therapist Online

Others assume that because the therapy sessions are done online means that the patient would not feel comfortable with the therapist.

In fact, that is very much wrong.

Since the available online therapists online are always responsive to the messages and calls of their patients, they are able to build a great connection with them. The constant communication and easy access to their therapist will make the patients feel comfortable and at ease.

Online therapy also benefits people with social anxiety and antisocial disorders. Instead of socializing with an in-person therapist, they could just connect with their therapist via a messaging app or via video or voice call.

Some people also assume that the therapists would not be able to observe their patients if the sessions are done online but they are still able to do so.

Video conferences are the most common method of online therapy sessions because with this, the therapists are able to see their patient’s facial expressions, tone of voice, and how they pay attention to each of their therapy sessions online.

Building a strong patient-therapist relationship is essential for therapy to work. The patient has to trust their therapist completely and this will result in more smooth and consistent online therapy sessions that will lead to a better understanding of what the patient really needs.

5. Therapists Online are Not Confidential

The assumption that online therapists do not keep their sessions confidential lies in the fact that people assume that they are only talking to bots.

However, the past few years have been a revolutionary period for therapy to be readily available on the internet. It has become more prevalent in providing privacy and confidentiality to each patient and only the therapist and patient know about what they talk about in their sessions.

Platforms of online therapy have platforms with extensive online security protocols and it is disclaimed to be a private session between the patient and the therapist only.

6. It is Easier to Neglect Your Online Therapist

The therapy sessions are focused on what the patient needs to talk about and what the patient is feeling. The role of the online therapist is to let the patient understand why they are feeling this way and how they should face their emotions.

Due to the easier communication with their therapist, patients actually comply better. They are able to attend their online therapy sessions more frequently because they could set up an appointment whenever they need someone to talk to.

Patient-compliance is simply the best thing about having therapy sessions online. Because the patients do not need to get out of their house and drive just to get to their therapists, attending online sessions makes them want to comply better.

7. Online Therapists Only Want Your Money

With the cooperation of their patients, online therapists are able to provide thorough online sessions. Yes, therapists make a living out of helping their clients but that does not mean that they are only leaching off their clients.

Online therapists know how serious mental illnesses and emotional baggage can be. That is why they are always readily available for their patients whenever they need someone to open up to.

Mental health is something that has to be provided for all, that is why online therapy sessions are made available for everyone who does not have access to in-person therapy.


There are a lot of credible and licensed online therapists that are readily available to provide quality therapy sessions to their patients. Let them help you and let them be there for you!

Online therapy sessions are able to provide you with the extensive psychotherapy that you need and it will lead to a brighter and better tomorrow.