Does CBD Oil Expire?

By  //  October 16, 2020

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Some users of CBD take it more regularly than others. In case the bottle that you had purchased had been lying on the shelf for months now, you might be wondering if the CBD oil you have expired.

Similar to milk, one can observe if the CBD oil you have is expired or can be used.

For How Long Can CBD Oil Last?

As each of the CBD products is different from one another, this question also doesn’t have a straightforward answer. However, most of the quality CBD oil products can last anywhere from one to around two years. After this, the compounds do start to break down and with time potency is lost.

Although, even the infrequent users can finish the CBD oil before this time, so this isn’t much of an issue. One serving of highly potent tincture provides CBD of about 50 mg. The small bottle of CBD has 750mg and around 15 servings.

So even if you are taking one serving at three weeks interval, this bottle will be empty!

Does CBD Oil Expire? Things You Must Know:

As we mentioned that just like any other food, smell, and taste one can easily understand if the CBD oil they have bought has expired. You will be able to judge that by the color and texture differences that have come and the variation that you can notice since the time you bought it. If the CBD oil you have seems fogged or cloudy, understand that this will be a sign when one needs to throw it away.

If you will go ahead with still consuming it, you are inviting potential dangers and ill effects. If the look of it seems fine, try to smell it. Any change in the smell is also most of the time a sign that the oil has expired.

1. Brand Indicates Longevity:

CBD is presently one of the highly unregulated products in the market. This means that several people are selling CBD products that are suspicious. There are places where the consumers are overcharged, and then there are websites selling ineffective dull products having an extremely low shelf life.

This is the main reason why you should always be going with a CBD brands that are well-reviewed and has good reputation, as chances are that they will have longevity as well.

2. The Place of Purchase Matters:

The market is filled with a plethora of CBD oil products that have harmful toxins and some ingredients that we don’t even know of. Of course, you have unreliable or fake products as well that can be seen online.

Therefore, it recommended that you not only buy CBD oil from a reputed brand but also try to get your hands on it through the official website only. This will assure that you are getting exactly what you ordered and not a fake product with the right labeling.

3. Differentiate CBD Oil For The Shelf Life With Ease:

You might not believe it, but there are some CBD oils that will last longer than others. And you will be able to identify that. For instance, the CBD oil that’s labeled “Full-Spectrum” is in general having CBD extract of the best quality. Of course, this will also have an impact on its expiration date and won’t go bad quickly.

4. Ethanol Can Indicate Sustainability:

A lot of companies make use of ethanol in the manufacturing process. Ethanol has been known for removing harmful substances that can make the final product more efficient. This technique on its own also lets the cannabinoids stay in the CBD oil that inevitably results in longer shelf life.

This is a safe way for CBD extraction and one must make sure to check for it before you go ahead with your purchase.

5. Highest Purity through CO2 Extraction:

The duration of the CBD oil to last also depends on its purity. Some of the good brands make use of the extraction process called “Supercritical CO2“. This mainly makes use of carbon dioxide gas for CBD extraction at low temperatures. The result is maintaining the CBD oil purity.

Certainly, this is an expensive and complicated process that a lot of brands don’t follow as the final cost goes high. But the ones that do gives you CBD oil of high potency, therefore with the time, you can be sure that you have the same potency.

6. The CBD Oil You Bought Might Not Expire Before You Use It!

CBD oil is one of those products that most consumers use till the oil is finished. In simple terms, you might use it regularly and even need a replacement before the product expiration date comes closer.

But if you have a bottle that seems fine but has been lying around for over two years, certainly has lost some potency since the time you must have bought it. Either way, understand that there is a higher probability of CBD oil lasting moreover when one finishes its cycle for treatment.

7. Each CBD Oil Bottle Comes With Its Expiry Date:

You have to read the label for the expiration date of the CBD oil bottle that you got. So go ahead and check for the specific information before consuming it. Also, make an effort in consuming it before that time. This goes without saying that there will be higher benefits that you experience when you have a fresh CBD oil bottle compared to when it comes closer to the expiration.

Bottom Line on Does CBD Oil Expire?

One thing is for sure, that this question must have come into your mind, when you already have has specific CBD oil in your home for a longer time. Remember that low-quality CBD oil is not just unsafe and unreliable when you think of the expiry date.

The truth remains that although most of the renowned brands can say that it will last for a year or more, it will be in your best interest to get a fresh one. As more quality brands are coming up, the price affordability and access to CBD oil are also increasing. So you won’t be having any issues!