Eco-Friendly Holiday Gift Guide

By  //  October 22, 2020

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Your holiday gift list probably changes a little every year. Children grow, styles evolve, new colleagues join the workforce.

Eco-friendly gifts, however, are always trending. From household products to electric bikes for sale, you can find sustainable gifts for everyone.

Electric Bicycles

One of the best ways to stay healthy these days is to get outside. Bike riding is an ideal way to do that. Whether it’s a solo trek to clear the mind after a long day at work or a weekend on the trails with the family, it’s all about the journey. A bike is a gift that’s also a great investment in your loved one’s health and enjoyment for years to come.

Consider your gift recipient’s lifestyle as you shop. An electric bike is a good choice for a variety of users, as it can adapt to the journey.

The rider can choose pedal-assist or full-electric mode for help on a hill or a few extra miles. The motor can also be turned off for a full manual workout.

An electric bike can turn a gas-powered commute into an eco-friendly journey, making it possible to bike on those trips that were previously too far. Consider men’s or women’s electric bikes for sale as you shop this season. Tie a big bow on the handlebars (or wrap the bike, if you’re feeling ambitious) and watch the magic happen.

Bamboo Home Products

While it’s no secret that plastic products are hard on the environment, it’s not always easy to find a material that’s comparable in function.

However, bamboo is a resource with many advantages:


Easily harvested

Grows well without pesticides

Takes in carbon dioxide and emits oxygen four times faster than hardwood trees

Happily, bamboo is a material that can step in to take the place of plastic and other less-sustainable materials. Bamboo bowls, utensils, cutting boards and serving trays are easy to find, but did you know you can purchase disposable bamboo cutlery and plates? Just toss them in the compost bin after use.

Bamboo toothbrushes, makeup remover pads, towels and washcloths are eco-friendly choices for the bathroom. You can even surprise an environmentally conscious teenager with a bamboo wireless speaker. Wrap up a few products in a pretty bamboo basket and you have a lovely gift for someone special.

Recycled Clothing and Accessories

What was old is new again, from throwback clothing styles to the material itself. Eco-friendly manufacturers are stepping up to decrease landfill waste, finding new ways to break down used clothing into repurposed fabric. Shoppers can find such treasures as parkas made from recycled down and nylon and crewneck sweaters crafted from recycled cotton and wool.

Your gift recipient might enjoy a briefcase made from recycled cardboard, rubber and cork or a pair of touchscreen gloves made from recycled polyester.

If you’re shopping for a pair of sturdy shoes, many major brands offer lines made from plastic bottles and recycled tires. Clothing made from recycled materials can be found for all ages and sizes, so you’ll be able to find gifts for everyone on your list.

Whether you’re shopping for young family members, old friends or everyone in between, look for environmentally friendly products this season. You’ll also be giving a gift to Mother Nature.

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