How to Use SMS Marketing

By  //  October 30, 2020

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SMS marketing is a certain type of marketing that businesses can use to create a more direct and personal connection with their customers. There are various different things businesses and organizations can send to their customer base, all with the desired effect of increased engagement and conversions. 

Much like other forms of marketing, there are ways to conduct SMS marketing in a good manner, as well as practices that aren’t as desirable. Here is a breakdown of the stuff you should be doing on SMS as well as a bit of insight into what you should avoid.

Offer a coupon 

SMS marketing is a great way to make customers more aware of what your business is doing, as well as to entice them to check it out. One of the primary things you can do to help boost engagement is to offer money saving coupons that users can use to get savings on your products.

This is a good thing to do as it gives customers an incentive to shop with your business, but also makes them feel more valued due to the perceived special treatment. It additionally makes your SMS service more worthwhile to be a part off as it makes it more beneficial to the customers. It’s very easy to get started with SMS marketing by setting up an account on a good web SMS platform.

Promote a sale 

Another way to incentivize your customers to shop with your business through SMS marketing is to promote ongoing sales that are currently happening.

SMS is great at promoting limited time sales due to the quick response time of the channel. This added deadline can help persuade customers to check out your product and make them more desperate to buy.

Additionally, SMS is a good way to promote anything that customers may have been missed. For example a social media message could be as simple as “have you read our latest article?”. This can help you obtain a sizable boost in social media engagement. In fact, you can use SMS marketing to promote anything, which includes using bulk SMS for election campaign efforts.

Announce new products 

Using SMS messaging, as well as social media and other forms of marketing, is a great way to help spread the word and generate buzz over a newly released product.

Due to the direct nature of SMS, it can make the customer instantly aware of what’s about to be released, helping them keep up to date with your business.

For this same reason, SMS marketing is also good at helping customers stay up to date via sending news updates, too.

What not to do 

There are a couple of things you should avoid when partaking in SMS marketing, as falling into the following pitfalls can contribute to making the endeavor far less effective.

The first is to make sure you don’t go overboard and keep your messages infrequent unless they are urgent.

No one wants to be contacted daily from a business as this can be irritating and start to clog up their phone. Instead, opt to send a message perhaps once a week at the most, unless you’re sending booking or appointment details.

Additionally, when using SMS marketing, you don’t want to become lazy and send the same type of content each time.

It’s important to keep the messages varied, otherwise, you’ll come off as formulaic and robotic. Strike a nice balance between promotion, news, discounts and sales for the best results.