Iron Software: The Best C# Software Libraries for Everybody

By  //  October 26, 2020

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Iron Software LLC provides documenting solutions by creating and supporting files for use in documentation. The products are IronPDF, IronOCR, IronBarcode, IronXL, and IronWebscrapper.

1. The IronPDF

It is referred to as the C PDF library. It allows for easy creation, editing, and content extraction in PDF documents. It will enable you to read documents automatically.

Features and uses of IronPDF

IronPDF helps conversion from HTML to PDF. PDFs are generated from images, HTML, and ASPX files. It allows the extraction of data, images, and text from PDF forms.

IronPDF provides manipulation tools for editing, merging, and splitting documents.

It allows automatic unpackaging, installation, and its set-up from either DLL downloads or NuGet.

2. IronOCR

The OCR library C (optional character recognition) engine reads barcodes and texts from images. It supports a lot of international languages. Its output can be structured data or plain text.

Features of IronOCR

Extracting data from images is fast, and the resulting text is accurate. IronOCR can reduce background noise, fix distortion and rotation, read documents even when they are not properly scanned, and enhance text contrast and resolution. IronOCR is multilingual in that it supports all languages in the world. The development team of iron software is always available in case you need any support with IronOCR.

3. IronBarcode Library

IronBarcode generates and reads barcodes and QR codes using BarcodeWriter classes and BarcodeReader, and exports them to HTML or PDF. The application used in creating and reading QR and barcodes on scanned images is VB.NET and C# formulae.

Features of IronBarcode

IronBarcode can recognize various types of QR and barcodes.

It is fast and accurate through automatic image preprocesses.

Developers use IronBarcode for accounting systems, data & reporting applications, business digitization, and content management. This library can write QR and barcodes in different formats. Its configuration is easy using Net projects; you do not need any other software for configuring the speed for processing or other elements.

4. IronXL

The c# write Excel file supports Azure and NET Core fully and works without installing Excel Interop and Microsoft Office. IronXL also creates, reads, and edits files of Excel spreadsheets.

Features of IronXL

IronXL has the ability to read and create spreadsheets using excel .Net and it configures with VB.Net, Net Core and C# read excel file. IronXL edits filters, data types and formulas.

IronXL has cell modification capabilities such as text alignment, fonts and borders, and background. This library is versatile in that it allows users to read, write export and save spreadsheet data in XLSX, CSV among others. It is also used to generate ledgers, documentation and developing content.

5. Iron WebScraper

Iron WebScraper is a framework for clean and structured data extraction from HTML. It is also useful in data mining, engine search engines population and system migrations.

Features of WebScrapper Library

The library provides a very powerful framework for the extraction of data and files using C# code, from websites. Iron WebScraper is able to scrape multiple web pages and identify code and browsing history. It has the ability to create as many identities as you need to scrape.

Iron WebScraper is fast and secure, its systems control intrusion. It installs rapidly with visual studio.

How to Contact the Iron Software LLC

• Address: 205 N. Michigan Ave. Chicago, IL 60611 USA
• Phone number: +1 (312) 252-3088
• Support Team: Click here