Is CBD Oil Really Effective or Just Hyped?

By  //  October 7, 2020

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In the last decade, there has been increasing publicity of various cannabidiol products. It is amazing to think that this chemical compound derived from the cannabis plant is highly publicized and recommended by health professionals.

Especially in our clime, this surge was helped by the farm bill act signed and made into law by key stakeholders. Among other reasons, the medicinal value of Cannabidiol is a major reason why its manufacture, sale, purchase, and use are now considered legal.

In this article, we will discuss CBD oil and its effectiveness. As one of the popular ways Cannabidiol is administered by users, how effective is it? Is it overhyped or truly what it is said to be?

If you or your pet is battling anxiety problems, pain, inflammation, a chronic disease etc., you might want to read on. This is because these products have been touted as offering relief and therapeutic effects for many conditions. We now want to find out the truth.

What Is Cannabidiol?

Known for short as CBD, it is a major therapeutic chemical compound gotten from the cannabis plant. Unlike THC, which is another cannabis-derived chemical substance, it has no psychoactive effect on users.

This is except it is combined with a high amount of THC or other psychoactive components to create a synergistic effect. However, on its own, cannabidiol is safe and effective.

Often, the female cannabis plant is highly regarded by CBD manufacturers and farmers. This is because it has a larger and richer concentration of this chemical substance. The male plant on the other hand is also important as it mainly helps the reproduction process.

Although it can produce cannabidiol, the male cannabis plant does not offer such quality strains and the amount of Cannabidiol as the female plant.

What Is CBD Oil?

CBD can be administered on mammals in various forms. Some of these forms include direct flower strains, edibles like gummies, topicals like salves, vapes, anally and oils among others. The oil is actually what is usually extracted and added to a lot of the other products. This means that it is a very concentrated and popular option.

You can view more ways through which Cannabidiol can be used.

How Effective Is CBD Oil?

First, some people have reservations because it is gotten from the cannabis plant. If this is your concern, it is nothing you should be worried about. This is because the hallucinogenic outcomes caused by using cannabis products are gotten from THC.

However, this chemical substance is removed or drastically reduced in CBD products. Talking about the reduction of THC in legitimate CBD drugs, the legally accepted benchmark is 0.3%. This means that even if THC is used, it would not exceed 0.3%.

Adherence to this means users, either humans or animals, cannot get high. Also, with such a minute amount of THC, the chances of failing a drug test are close to null. This is why many athletes are using these drugs.

However, while a legitimately produced cannabidiol oil cannot get you high, its effectiveness is determined by a couple of things. Let us go over some of them.

The Extraction Process

Cannabidiol can be extracted in different ways. This can be via CO2, Ethanol, or Hydrocarbon.

Whichever it is, the safety and effectiveness of the extraction process play a huge part in the drug’s potency. If the oil is badly extracted, it can affect how effective the drug will be. As a result, you should only buy from a reputable brand with a history of extracting properly.

The Packaging

As with many other drugs, the medicinal composition of CBD oil can only survive under the right temperature. As a result, the packaging should protect it.

In other words, a good product can lose potency if housed in a bad package. So, rather than seeing the package as a simple luxury or brand statement, you should make it a yardstick for choosing your cannabidiol oil and products at large.

Independent Testing

The FDA’s stance on the use of cannabidiol products is still quite unclear. As things are, it is still considered an experimental drug. This is because notable researches on the potency and effects of CBD are still inconclusive.

However, the records prove that cannabidiol is harmless to mammals. Besides, it can resolve a wide range of mental and physical health challenges. As a result, you should not feel hesitant to use them when needed.

Be that as it may, one way to prove a good CBD oil is by checking to see if it is independently tested. Any product that does not give details about this should be avoided.

To find out more about this, you need to know how to read a CBD product label. For more information on this, you can visit:


Is CBD oil effective?

Yes, it is. Also, you should know it has little or no adverse effects. However, its potency is largely dependent on the manufacturer. Processes such as cannabidiol extraction and packaging greatly influence the outcome of the CBD oil.

The conclusion you should therefore draw from this is that the result you will get from the product you use will be largely dependent on the quality of the said product. You should therefore make it your primary goal to only buy from sellers that are reputable and known for selling only top-quality CBD products.