Shalom Lamm: The Pioneer of Operation Benjamin

By  //  October 8, 2020

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In this day and age, it is rare to find people as kind-natured as Shalom Lamm. He is an entrepreneur and businessman who has developed recognition worldwide, for his efforts with Operation Benjamin.

This organization has changed the lives of many Jewish families because of how regimented and compassionate the team is. Shalom Lamm studied at Yeshiva University and earned a Master’s degree in American Military History from The American Military University. There is no one better to be the pioneer of Operation Benjamin than Shalom Lamm.

This non-profit organization holds such a momentous value to Jewish communities all over the world. Operation Benjamin’s motive is to discover Jewish heroes who passed during World War II and were buried incorrectly. Jewish burial ceremonies are extremely important to uphold and this organization has proved themselves worthy of the utmost recognition.

The testimonials that can be found on the Operation Benjamin website certainly prove that point in a very meaningful way. Seeing the images of soldiers that gave up their lives to fight such evil is extraordinary.

The Operation Benjamin team works continuously to honor these heroes and ensure that they are buried under The Star of David. One of the most outstanding aspects of this organization is that all efforts are done at no cost to the family. Shalom Lamm works diligently to ensure the burial process is not publicized and the family of the fallen gets nothing but respect from anyone involved.

Operation Benjamin has been so successful in reuniting families with their loved ones because of the efforts of its leadership and activists.. It’s a beautiful moment to share when families are notified that the location of those lost has been found.

For generations, these families believed that their loved ones were forever lost or incorrectly buried. Operation Benjamin ensures that the missing puzzle piece of a family is restored and valued above all else.

Although Operation Benjamin is a large undertaking, that doesn’t stop Shalom Lamm from continuing his efforts further and in different magnitudes. He founded the Hatzolah Medical Rescue squad in New York which is run by volunteers. During the pandemic, this squad put their lives in danger just to serve the greater good.

In addition, at the Jewish Center in Manhattan and Long Island, he serves as a member of the Chevra Kadisha. In 1991 he was shaken by how badly those in Ukraine needed food.

So, naturally, he and his wife Tina created an initiative that delivered thousands of nonperishables to Jewish communities in Kiev. Lamm is truly a pillar in the Jewish community and represents the lessons the Torah teaches in all his passions. As much as he wants his good works to go unnoticed, he deserves recognition for his immense contribution to Jewish societies.

Those who are most humble deserve to be recognized in a proper fashion. The efforts that Shalom Lamm has made, have certainly left their mark on making this world a better place. His service to the Jewish community in America has changed the lives of so many and on behalf of them, we salute him for his work.