Tips to Choose the Right VPS Hosting Provider

By  //  October 26, 2020

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VPS, Virtual Private Server, is a type of website hosting where businesses use only one server to host their websites. With VPS hosting, the users are given virtual equipment whose memory will serve one server only.

The virtual equipment is given to prevent users from being affected by any errors or consumption experienced by other users with the same server. So if you have decided to work with a VPS, how will you know which one is right for your business. Below are some tips that will guide you.

The number of resources you need

Since it is a business website, it is bound to consume various resources on the server. It is, therefore, necessary that you decide the number of help you need before settling for a VPS hosting provider.

Some of the resources you need for the website include CPU, hard disk and RAM. The required size for each of these resources will be different depending on the size of your business. If you are looking forward to expanding your place after a while, also consider that when choosing a provider.

OS choice

There are many options you can choose from when looking for an operating system for your hosting, but the most common ones are Linux and windows. Linux is cheaper than windows and has an open-source.

VPS Windows, on the other hand, works best for businesses that want to develop a .NET or if there are applications that are specifically made to do with the Windows platform.

Managing backend operations

VPS hosting comes in two types; unmanaged and managed. If you are an IT specialist and you have the skills needed to handle backend operations required by the server like updating the software, security and patches, you can go for unmanaged VPS.

Unmanaged VPS saves business owners money. However, if you do not want to be overwhelmed by such tasks, you can look for skilled technicians to help you. They will manage your VPS server at an extra few.

Accessing root

If you are using Linux as the operating system, you get root access that is not negotiable. You can carry out automation, SSH, full command controls and implement scripts without any restrictions.

If you would like maintenance or operational work, a control panel solution for the admin’s server, you can opt for the Plesk Onyx. Plesk Onyx gives you the freedom to control all its functional operations. Also, with Plesk, you can easily add sites, databases and domains.

Web host location

There are locations with sophisticated technology for web hosting and charge cheap rates. When considering the area, also think of your client’s protection and security.

Most of the web hosting companies located in the US have an open door policy where the government is allowed to access even sensitive data. In some countries, web hosting companies are keen on protecting the data given by users.

Customer Service

You would want your website to run at all times since you don’t want your business down. You should ensure you choose a web hosting company that has responsive customer support. You might have emergencies, and a responsive provider might help you out immediately.

Your website might start being attacked by hackers, and you have to contact the support of your provider to send an expert team to recover or reconstruct your website.