Vlogging in 2020: Is It Worth Starting Now?

By  //  October 15, 2020

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Watching videos is nowadays much more popular than watching TV. YouTube, as well as diverse social networks, provide users with the possibility to view various video content from vloggers they are fond of. If you ask teenagers which profession they would like to choose, the answer will be, “Blogger or Vlogger.”

Knowing already what is a vlog and which content is published there, those who are dreaming about this profession may wonder if there is at least any niche that is free for them. Is it worth starting a vlog in 2020? Are there chances to become a successful vlogger? Let’s discover which niches can still be popular for a beginner.

Ideas for a Vlog

Even though it seems that the number of bloggers and vloggers is enormous, there is always a niche that is not covered. Of course, in 2020, it is more complicated to find your field, however, there is nothing impossible. We have collected some ideas for you.

● Eco-friendly Products and Environmental Protection

The world starts understanding the importance to preserve resources of the planet and protect the environment. Shooting videos about the poor condition of the planet to attract even more attention can become a good kick-off for a vlog.

Also, there are lots of products that are intended to reduce the number of wastes. Making reviews of these items can fit the theme of the vlog and may become the beginning of an e-commerce platform.

●  Domestic Traveling

The year 2020 has forced millions of people to refuse from traveling abroad to the most popular and well-known resorts. This is a perfect occasion for investigating local sites. You will be surprised at how many interesting places there are in your native and neighboring states.

At first, such a vlog will be interesting for people residing near you because the majority of the population is unlikely to travel far in 2020. Later, these videos can be interesting for people from other states when life returns back to normal.

●  Educational Channel

People will never stop learning. What are you specialized in? Think about the skills you could share. It can be anything from hand-made items to the learning of languages. The latter won’t lose its popularity.

Important Tips

Aside from choosing the niche and theme for a vlog, it is crucial to present the content interestingly and catchy for the audience. Videos should be entertaining and properly edited. The quality of the picture also matters.

Therefore, if you have decided to develop in this field, be ready to invest in good equipment for shooting, software for editing, and some time for tutorials and courses. If you learn to present the content at a high level, the niche won’t be a decisive factor.

Luckily, there is a huge amount of free information on the Internet. Read blogs, watch tutorials, and listen to podcasts to learn how to shoot and edit content to make it interesting for the target audience. No one has ever told this is an easy route, however, it is possible to become a successful vlogger even in 2020.