Why Do People Like Moving to Florida?

By  //  October 28, 2020

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There are countless people who are looking for a new place to call home and one of the most popular places for people to move is the sunshine state of Florida.

There are a few reasons why people love to move to Florida so much and it is important to take a closer look at a handful of the top examples.

The Lack of a State Income Tax

First, there is no state income tax in the state of Florida, which means that the Florida tax rate is very favorable for people of all ages. For example, teenagers who are looking to save money for a car, school, or for a special Christmas present will be able to keep more of their income thanks to a lack of state income tax.

This is also going to be great for parents who are trying to make ends meet, as they will be able to keep more of their money as well. Finally, one of the top reasons why so many elderly people are moving to Florida has to do with the total lack of state income tax as well.

For those who are on a fixed income, the lack of a state income tax is a big deal. Anyone who is looking to make their money go just a little bit farther should think about heading to the sunshine state.

The Amusement Parks in Florida

Another major reason why people love moving to Florida is the amusement parks. There is no age limit when it comes to having fun at a theme park and Florida certainly has plenty of them. Without a doubt, the biggest is Disney World. Disney World is a place for people of all ages.

With a handful of amusement parks all wrapped into one, it is easy for people to spend a whole week at Disney World and not see everything.

This is a place where the magic happens, so everyone should try to get down to this park at least once in their life. Some of the other major theme parks in Florida include Universal Studios, which is right next door to Disney World, and Sea World, which is great for people who love marine life.

The Gorgeous Beaches in Florida Are Everywhere

Finally, it is hard to talk about Florida without going through its beaches. Florida is a peninsula which means that there is plenty of water to go around. There are Atlantic beaches such as Delray, Gulf beaches such as Tampa Bay, and it is hard to ignore South Beach in Miami as well. For those who love beaches, Florida is the place to go.

Florida Is a Popular Place To Move

These are just a few of the many reasons why people like moving to Florida so much. Those who are looking for a warm, sunny, and tropical place to move should consider looking at Florida. This is a fun place for individuals, families, and retirees alike.