6 Vape Inhaling Tips for Beginners

By  //  November 23, 2020

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It is important that we understand from the start what vaping is before we start giving tips on how beginners can learn how to vape. Put simply, vaping produces or emits a kind of vapor called vaping aerosol. It is neither real vapor nor is it real smoke.

It consists of very fine particles made up of whatever vape substance or ingredient being used. The vape ingredient is merely heated not burnt. No real combustion takes place, thus producing less chemicals. This last point is in fact one of the reasons why vaping was invented.

How to Vape

The vape ingredient is heated using a battery-powered device. There are various vaping devices on the market including the breeze vape and there is also a wide variety of so-called e juice flavors to choose from.

For those who are or were addicted to cigarettes and are using vaping as a way to quit cigarette smoking, there are nicotine-flavored e juices. The logic behind this is to help these aspiring quitters to ease smoothly out of cigarette smoking without experiencing severe withdrawal symptoms. Let us now consider some vaping tips that beginners will find helpful.

Acquire a Starter Pack

This should be every beginner’s starting point. Vaping devices range from very simple to some very sophisticated models, though simple here is not synonymous with inferior In fact, the simpler models such as the breeze vape are sometimes more efficient and more user friendly specially for beginners.

Whatever design they have, all starter packs generate aerosol similarly. They can be classified into e-cigarettes, pod vapes and disposable e-cigarettes. When you buy a new kit it usually comes with a brief user manual with directions and instructions on how to use the kit.

Know the Battery Safety Threshold

This is important, as a beginner you do not want to injure yourself. You need to use a safe battery. It is recommended that you research fully online and read up on battery safety.

Two simple safety precautions are that, never use a battery with a torn wrapper, and that the battery you want to use to power your device has a higher amperage rating than the electric current that you are going to draw from it. It is always a good idea to check online to find out the safest batteries to buy.

Remember also to regularly check your battery connections to make sure that they stay clean because ejuice tends to build upon the connections. This ejuice buildup will adversely affect performance. Clean the connections with a soft clean cotton cloth or cotton wool.

Change Coils Regularly

The coil on a vaping device is located in the tank holding the vaping juice ingredients and it comprises a thin metal wire and cotton. The latter absorbs the e juice liquid and the metal wire heats up and vaporizes the liquid differently. Coils have different useful lives, from a few days to around three or four weeks. How long a coil lasts depends on the vaping ingredient being used and how much sweetener is used.

Buy Your e-liquid from Reputable Suppliers

There have been reports of people being harmed by vaping fake or counterfeit e juice. There are always unscrupulous individuals out to make a quick dollar from unsuspecting victims and damn the consequences. So play it safe and procure your product from registered and reputable manufacturers and dealers. Make sure the manufacturer only uses USP grade ingredients and that these are processed in a safe sterile laboratory meeting all safety standards.

Use External Battery Charger

The built-in USB port on your device is not the ideal method to recharge your battery because there is always the likelihood that the batteries might not charge fully. Also, external battery chargers tend to be better ventilated and this means longer life for your batteries as good ventilation ensures more efficient heat dissipation.

Drink Lots of Water

Vaping veterans know the importance of taking in lots of water when you vape. Besides the likelihood of ending up with a sore throat, vaping can also cause mild headaches if you do not drink lots of water.

So make sure you do. Another hazard if you do not take in enough water is vapér’s tongue. This is a rather strange condition when the sense of taste is lost temporarily. Whatever vaping device you decide to use, whether it’s the breeze vape or other type, you need to stay hydrated and stay comfortable