A Guide to Smart Home Equipment

By  //  November 6, 2020

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Home automation has taken giant leaps in the last few decades. Seemingly on a monthly basis, some new innovation hits the market.

It’s no exaggeration to say that what was considered to be within the realms of science fiction forty to fifty years ago has now turned into hard reality.

There is now literally smart everything for the home on the market. Going through smart home equipment reviews for a more detailed list will definitely help. Let’s go through some of these smart home gadgets.

Do you have a Smart Thermostat?

This smart gadget is for those who run a central heating/cooling system in their homes. It has a beautiful exterior design and so blends in nicely with the interior design of most homes.

Operated by a touch panel, the thermostat is connected to a smart sensor that enables it to control temperatures in specific rooms. Another accessory is the built-in far-field microphone which responds to voice commands.

Smart Lights

This is one area of smart homes that has seen some great innovations in recent years. There is great diversification here, including varieties of bulbs for indoor use,  outside lights and their accessories. Until very recently, most versions were rather expensive but the recent incorporation of bluetooth support has seen prices start to go down.

Smart bulbs have colour control and preset on/off scheduling. They can also be integrated with other smart home gadgets. In addition to these colour changing light bulbs, there are also smart floodlights and other versions of outdoor lights, all smart of course.

Classic and Smart Displays

Sometimes seeing and hearing things is better than merely seeing them. Smart displays are there to help out.  They are equipped with screens ranging in size from 5inch, 8inch through to 10inch. Users can play videos, play music or tune in to get the latest news updates.

They are equipped with great speakers that produce first-class sound and when users wish to make video calls, they have a camera attached. The camera is fitted with a shutter for covering it up when the occasion demands it, in particular the 8inch version can be used as a control point for other smart home devices.

Security Systems for your Home

Smart security systems have generally been around for longer than other smart devices. They basically come in two versions: all-in-one systems or those built up from specifications. Various starter packs with varying numbers and makes of sensors and security cameras  are available.

Custom packages are also available. Which system to opt for is usually governed by the size of the house and how many doors and windows it has. For those wanting to go the extra mile there are also smart doorbells and smart locks.

Smart Plugs

These come in many varieties with options to match. A welcome feature of these smart plugs is that they do not interfere with other outlets and they can also be controlled from anywhere.

Sophisticated Smart Speakers 

These are the controllers for the other smart devices in the home. In addition to being able to control other gadgets in the home, they are also ‘knowledgeable’ to give responses to questions like, ‘hey what’s the date today’ or ‘what’s the capital city of China?’ Smart speakers are available in a variety of brands depending on your choice and budget.

Smoke Detector

Connected to a smoke alarm, this is a gadget all house owners would do well to buy. It alerts the owner about a house fire no matter where he/she happens to be anywhere in the world  from where the firefighting services can be contacted.

Smart Doorbell

This smart device has multiple functions. Firstly, it records footage 24 hours a day. Secondly, it is smart enough to notify the house owner of any unusual movements in the vicinity. It can also be programmed to recognise facial features so strangers are tagged instantly. To top it off, it can be programmed to give appropriate responses.

As indicated earlier, it does not hurt to check some smart home equipment reviews for full descriptions and features.