Appy Pie is the Best No-Code Platform for Mobile Application Development

By  //  November 26, 2020

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Businesses around the world use mobile apps to provide service and communicate with users. Mobile apps have changed the face of business and provided a new avenue for them to explore. Previously, mobile apps were reserved for large-scale businesses but with customer preference switching to mobile apps, every business is scrambling to deploy their own mobile apps.

Businesses of all types and natures can benefit from mobile apps. Mobile apps help businesses improve customer service, increase revenue, enhance brand loyalty, and extend their online presence.

Creating a mobile app from scratch is not an easy task. Businesses often underestimate the time, cost, and effort required to make a satisfactory business app. Most businesses looking to create apps have no idea what to expect when they venture into app creation.

Despite being small icons on smartphones that do simple tasks and provide users with small services, apps require significant investment, a dedicated team of developers, and extensive resources.

Once an app is created, it also requires constant maintenance. Not every business has the option of investing such large amounts of resources in creating and maintaining a mobile app for their business.

There are two other options available to create mobile apps. The first is building your mobile apps with the help of third-party app vendors.

They can create and maintain the app for your business at a minor cost. However, your creative freedom or flexibility to edit your business app becomes limited. In the long run, creating your business apps with third-party app vendors can get immensely expensive.

The second option available to businesses is a no-code development platform. No-code app development platforms are software that let businesses create their own mobile apps without coding. These platforms are specially designed to be easy-to-use and intuitive.

No-code platforms are the next step in mobile application development. Even the CEO of Github agrees that no-code development will eventually take over traditional app development. As of 2020, the no-code development industry is worth over $13.2 billion.

Benefits of No-Code App Development

No-code app development brings various benefits to businesses around the world. Here are some of the benefits of no-code development.

■ Affordable: Unlike traditional app development, no-code app development is extremely affordable. It is so affordable that businesses often end up making multiple useful apps for their business through no-code development tools. Appy Pie, for example, can be used to make multiple apps for free.

■ Time-Saving: It takes almost 4-6 months to develop a simple mobile app. With a no-code development platform, time consumed can be cut down to less than half. It is possible to create an entire app within a day using no-code development platforms. No-code development can save a lot of time. Even third-party app developers have started using them for creating basic apps.

■ Customizable: Making changes to an existing app is usually difficult and needs to follow a particular hierarchical procedure. With a no code platform, it is easy to customize and make changes to your app. All it takes is a few simple clicks to update your new app. No-code apps are extremely customizable and this makes it easy to add/remove features and change app design. You can update your apps within a day with no-code app development platforms.

■ Better ROI and Low Risk: The affordability of no-code platforms provides you a better ROI. With a no-code app, you could save the majority of the overhead costs required to create an app. Investing in a no-code app is a low risk venture for a business. If your mobile app isn’t well-received by your customers, a no-code app won’t be as heavy on your packet as a normal mobile app.

■ Easier Learning Curve: Creating a traditional app requires you to have knowledge of multiple fields. It requires you to have coding skills, proficiency in various coding languages, and also the ability to create interactive UI designs, menus, and app structure. With a no-code app development platform, making an app requires you to climb a very simple learning curve. It’s easy to design apps using no-code platforms.

Appy Pie – The Best No-Code Development Platform

Appy Pie is easily the best no-code development platform available online. Appy Pie provides a market-leading app building software that lets you create the perfect mobile apps for your business. 

Appy Pie AppMakr is the leading choice for no-code development because of the following reasons:

■ 200+ Unique Features: Appy Pie provides over 200+ unique features that you can add to your app.

■ Drag n Drop Interface: Adding features and designs to your app can be done with the help of Appy Pie’s unique drag and drop interface. Simply drag the feature you want into your app and drop it to add it.

■ Publishing Support: Appy Pie helps businesses publish their apps to the various app stores.

■ Real-Time Updates: Appy Pie allows you to update your apps in real-time. This means that you can test your apps as you’re making changes to them. Real-time testing significantly decreases the time required to create and deploy an app.

■ Hundreds of Design Templates: Appy Pie provides hundreds of professionally designed templates that you can add to your apps to get the perfect app design that you want.

■ App Analytics: Appy Pie provides your business with the ability to use in-built app analytics. You can use in-app analytics to strategize marketing and sales campaigns.

Push Notifications: Push notifications are great marketing tools that every business can use. Apps made with Appy Pie’s no-code platform can be used to send push notifications to help you market your brand and products.


No-code platforms like Appy Pie empower businesses to break the popular belief that only big businesses can afford to create mobile apps. With its top of the line app building software, Appy Pie aims to provide everyone with the power to develop their own mobile apps. It is a great time for a business looking to design its own apps. Start with no-code mobile application development today!