The Best Video Editing Apps for Real Estate Agents

By  //  November 11, 2020

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New marketing trends such as new multimedia co-operations, new social sharing sites, and new content types are daily developing in the real estate sector.

Without worrying about which mobile system you have; tons of excellent new tools are included every day to install and boost the real estate strategy. One of the most quick-evolving sectors of the mobile application development sector is video editing.

Advanced video editing software enables unique features, instant editing, as well as many exciting functionalities. It helps real estate brokers to make Spielberg-approved presentations. Here, we have listed the top 10 video editing software capable of remodeling your real estate videos into gems.

Here, we have listed the top 10 video editing software capable of remodeling your real estate videos into gems:

Video creek 

If you desire to give your customers a real-world experience of your work, video creek is perfect for you. Real estate agents can make high-quality videos in a brief period with various smart tools.

If you are in a real-estate business, has all the significant features you may require in a real-estate movie maker. You can add images in the video, choose a colour, and insert a text box. Along with it, you can include stylish frames, automated VOS, multilingual videos, the video gallery, and many more to name.


iMovie is Apple’s primary video editing tool. Now it is available on the iPad version that too with excellent touch provider. There are some extraordinary features.

Along with it, iMovie provides eight different themes. Every theme has its collection of rights, song, and transformations. If you want to make video slideshows, we recommend trying the “Kem Burns” effect to charge your images.

When you are done with the editing, you can post it directly on Youtube or Vimeo channel or Facebook and Instagram page.


Undoubtedly, Instagram is also one of the prominent players in the world of video editing. Instagram included its video editing feature in 2013.

Also, it will not be incorrect to say that it is one of the extensively used features among Instagrammers. Anyone can utilize the application to make 3 to 15-second video lengths. You can highlight the central characteristics of the listing and add them to the business portfolio.

Video makers know that hyper lapse is one of the appealing features, and Instagram has recently introduced it. It is a time-lapse video for the people who don’t have high-budget instruments to produce pro-looking lapse videos.

It is confusing how operators will use it, but it is still deserving of playing throughout to develop real estate strategies.


Splice is the only video editing software on this record that Apple offers with zero cost. Splice has everything that iMovie gives.

Additionally, Splice has few of the most advanced innovations for synchronizing and mixing several music tracks. The unfortunate thing is Splice is not available for iPhone 5 devices or the iPad apple store. One more disappointing thing is that Apple has not updated the app since September 2011.


If you are among those real estate brokers who love to discuss tales about their customers and the unique activities going with them, Magisto is ideal software.

A few years ago, when songs were displayed on MTV, lots of fans desired to make videos the same as their beloved artists. This app is one of those selected video editing software that helps oneself to produce high-quality videos.

Camera Plus

It is one of the hidden gem editing software. It offers multiple excellent features. One of the most liked characteristics is AirSnap. The app enables users to attach two Apple devices, operate the app, and use it remotely in this function.

It is straightforward to paint over the images with a brush tool and include lively colors, according to your mood. Additionally, you can sharpen your images and Click the Pix’d button, which has an automatic feature that beautifies images for you.

So, after you have completed your deal and want to click pictures of you and your clients, you are required to set up the tripod and utilize your Apple phone to click the image multiple feet away.

Spark Camera

Spark Camera is a great video editing software. One of the prominent global design corporations, Ideo, creates it. The founder of the group Tony Lab has stated that it is the first application for adults. Spark Camera has extraordinary features such as it can edit clips collectively. Also, it contains easy-to-share features for social media sites.

Real estate marketing becomes painless and fun because of Spark Camera. The app makes real estate video branding uncomplicated.

FiLMiC Pro

There is no need to introduce when the brand has won the best video editing application of the year award from two distinct esteemed associations.

Video editing software is excellent. You must have got the idea of the level of difficulty by seeing ‘Pro’ in the main title. Although, that is not correct. The interface is pretty simple and has several functions, such as 4X zoom, three various capturing modes, along with audio metering.

Blux Movie

There are two versions of Blux Movie; for iPhone. The Blux movie HD is for iPad users, and it lets you include enjoyable post-production features such as split-screen pictures and filters. However, you indeed have to capture the video with Blux to edit the video with it.

Pinnacle Studio

Pinnacle Studio has extraordinary and innovative video editing features and tools for creating your real estate presentations more advanced. A Pinnacle Studio offers many things, such as transition effects and advanced functions, to create animated titles or make exciting graphics.


Creating real estate videos requires plenty of research. And to justify the research and effort, it is essential to have the best movie maker. Video Creek can fulfil all the requirements.

That is the reason it has grabbed the first spot on our list. With its free version, you can export up to 60 videos per month. It offers several advanced features to enable you to make the best quality video of your real estate property. You can visit here for editing your real estate video.