Hollywood Stars Who Play in Casinos

By  //  December 29, 2020

Everything around us is connected to iGaming, from real estate to Hollywood and everything in between. For high-rolling Hollywood stars, gambling at land-based and internet casinos is a way to enjoy well-earned time off and take their chances at casino games. 

But the question is, why do celebrities enjoy playing in casinos so much? We gained some insight on this topic from our casino expert, Dominic Andreasson. You can view his profile here.

The evolving Swedish casino regulations provide insight into players for how to stay safe at online casinos amidst . That said, it’s crucial for both celebrity and non-celebrity players alike to understand the regulations of the online casinos wherever they play. Directory sites can help you find legitimate land-based or online casinos.

Read on to learn about stars who play in casinos, what they enjoy the most and why they gamble.

Hollywood Stars Who Have Made Gambling Headlines

So many well-known stars have played roles in movies about casinos. Sometimes, even once their filming has wrapped, they like to use the skills they’ve learned for the part. Here are some Hollywood stars who have made headlines in the world of gambling as gambling celebrities.

George Clooney

Famous for his role in the Ocean’s films, Clooney enjoys gambling so much that he spent around $7 million USD building his own casino. His 2010 film, The American, was shot in Sweden, so we wonder if he spent any time in a casino while in the country. He still participates in tournaments, including those raising funds for charity.

Ben Affleck 

Affleck is a known gambler in physical casinos and online. There are numerous images of him gambling in Sweden and all over the world, and he has even been accused of counting cards in blackjack. Since a few casinos joined the motion to ban him, Affleck has played online, enjoying success at the virtual tables.

Cameron Diaz

Having starred in casino-based films, including What Happens in Vegas and Very Bad Things, Diaz has taken some chances with gambling in her personal life. She’ll sometimes purchase chips and donate any winnings to children with cancer.

James Woods

Woods is a well-known actor who has played various roles, including that of Lester Diamond in Casino. His game of choice is poker, and he has publicly endorsed poker rooms that enable players to challenge celebrities and stand the chance to win real payouts.  This makes him one of Hollywood’s top gambling celebrities. 

Ray Romano 

Comedian Ray Romano enjoys gambling and golf both on and off the computer screen. He’s a member of PokerStars and has completed the World Series of Poker. He’s also a known blackjack player and has enjoyed a fair amount of success with internet casino games.

Jennifer Tilly 

Tilly is a famous horror movie actress and a professional poker player. Known to frequent some of the most popular Vegas casinos, she has won substantial earnings from the game. She also loves online slots, with her slots of choice being three reels.

Charlie Sheen

Sheen is best known for his role in the TV program, Two and a Half Men. He’s also an avid sport better and prefers gambling online.

Reasons for Gambling 

Hollywood stars, like the rest of us, need to take time out of their normal activities. Gambling provides a welcome respite from stressful work that involves long hours and months away from home.

A few reasons celebrities enjoy gambling include:

■ The need for an escape

■ The desire to unwind

■ The thrill of taking risks

■ The opportunity to earn more income

Playing casino games can be an excellent way for stars to escape their problems for a short time while letting their hair down. The added benefit of a possible payout, with the thrill of taking a risk, makes gambling a fun way for celebrities to pass the time.

Plus, having a large sum of money to gamble with probably doesn’t hurt.


Like the rest of us, celebrities enjoy the excitement of gambling to pass the time and unwind as much as we do. So, you never know, the next time you sign up to play, you could be challenging one of Hollywood’s top gambling celebrities.