Special Features of Slots and How to Play Them

By  //  December 17, 2020

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Slots are fun games presented in a virtual format. Previously, they were available only in casinos on special machines. However, now, thanks to the development of advanced technologies, it has become possible to conduct all operations online.

Many virtual casinos offer their customers a wide range of slots. This makes it easy to choose exactly what you like.

Slot games can usually be found directly on the sites of casinos. You just need to click on a game to launch it. Developers try to make their games with interesting and understandable storylines so that users can easily navigate them.

However, to achieve the desired result, it’s important to know the basic rules. So, there are several reels in a slot machine. Usually, there are 5 of them, while offline casinos most often use 3-reel slots.

Pay lines are formed on the reels. This happens when several identical symbols (usually 3 or more) appear in one row. In case a player gets such a combination, they are credited with winning.

Most often, it is proportional to the number of identical symbols. For example, 5 badges provide a bigger reward than 3.

In most slots, only a horizontal row is counted as a winning line. But there are some developments where a diagonal, or a zigzag can provide profit. It all depends on the specific game, the conditions set by its developer and the number of pay lines. Most often, there are up to 20 of them.

How to use slots?

To start enjoying various games, it’s enough to click on the slot you like. After that, a special field opens. You should spin the reels and count on getting a combination of the same symbols.

Each user determines the size of the bet himself. It’s preferable to play with small bets. The fact is that many games are highly volatile. This means you can win but not very often.

Therefore, if you regularly place big bets, there is a possibility of losing all your funds. However, just one successful spin can increase your assets several times. It is best to first study the paytable to understand what kind of rewards you can count on.

The peculiarity of slots is that they have special themes. This means that each game is dedicated to something:

historical events or personalities (for example, Cleopatra);

search for treasures;

sea ​​adventures;

fruit (ideal for beginners);


Today, it is games about characters of TV series and superheros that are most in-demand. This means that on the reels you will see not only classic symbols like “7,” “cherries,” or “BAR,” but also images of your favorite characters.

This makes it much easier to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of each game. That is why the developers are always trying to create something unusual for users.

The gameplay becomes more fun and dynamic. Users are pleased to see their favorite characters, and the developers understand this, so they offer new, more exciting themes.

In addition to thematic symbols, a slot machine may feature cards from 10 to ace. Their appearance guarantees a winning, but not as generous as in case of a series of identical special badges.

There are also symbols with additional functions. First of all, this is a wild. Its special feature is that such a badge can replace any other symbol on the reel (except for a scatter). This makes it easier to form combinations that will help you become one of the winners.

Another special symbol is the scatter. If you get 3 or more of them, you will receive free spins. Almost each of the casino slots has such badges.

The most popular slots

Now developers offer dozens of new games. New editions of the “classics” are released often. For example, they have improved graphics, RTP rate, and sound effects.

Among the most popular developments, it is worth noting:

Gonzo’s Quest. Here the player will dive into the world of treasure hunting. There are coins and various other themed symbols on the reels, which allows you to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of gold diggers. Another advantage is the high RTP rate.

Book of Ra. Despite the fact that it was released a long time ago, it is still popular. Here you plunge into the world of Ancient Egypt, where you need to find jewelry. Quite good graphics, fascinating plot and dynamics make this game in demand.

Immortal Romance. The RTP rate is over 97%, so this is the main advantage of this game. Players like its dynamic plot, thematic images, and a chance to play for free since here players can win free spins.

Don’t forget that many companies also have free slots so that users have an opportunity to try their features and understand if a particular game suits them.

How to choose the best slots?

The selection of available offers is now extremely wide. However, how you know what is suitable for you. You need to pay attention to many factors, for instance:

RTP rate. It influences what percentage of the invested funds you will be able to return. More than 96-97% are considered a high value. Card games such as poker, blackjack, baccarat and roulette have such rate.

Progressive jackpot. Yes, the chances of winning it is not always high. But each user gets a chance for one successful spin to increase the size of the initial bet hundreds or even thousands of times. Therefore, the jackpot wheel in a game is a great advantage.

Quality of graphics. If free slots online have stylish designs, it is much easier to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of games.

Bonus policy. It is important that a casino provides additional rewards. For example, it offers free spins.

Also, be sure the theme of a game is interesting to you. This is the only way to pay a lot of attention to the slot.