Why Don’t Amazon Sellers Lower their Prices?

By  //  December 9, 2020

You can search just about anything on Amazon with some clicks… And with as little as a single tap to order it.  Almost everyone can sell products on Amazon in five simple steps nowadays. Hundreds of thousands of vendors are listed on the web, making it something like eBay or Walmart. 

But Amazon doesn’t fully check anything, on the digital shelves, and that implies you must be vigilant of what you’re getting. The platform has documented issues of false feedback and illicit money, and in the last few years, an increasing number of Chinese vendors have filled the site with odd new off-brand products.

Amazon maintains a reasonably good refund policy for its goods, but such requirements do not have to be met by third-party retailers, and many do not.

Good news: it’s actually your only choice to buy it and can get someone to email you. The vendor can also be contacted via the form offered by Amazon.

Bad News: There’s really no promise you’re going to contact your seller directly before or after purchasing a certain product. You can neither discuss the price nor determine the quality of the product. Here’s why?

The goods may be sourced at a fixed rate to sell in-store.

They do not have their own manufacturers & storage houses mostly.

Why don’t Amazon Sellers lower their prices?

It is likely that the seller does not care about losing money. Sale at a loss could be superior to eating Amazon’s long-term storage fees on unsold inventory while they are selling FBA.

They can even lower prices to mitigate their loss if they don’t have a clear way to return the goods to you/a seller because it’s not selling as they hoped. Again, if this is the case, you are unable to persuade them to change their minds.

Then how can you find a certain Seller if you need to contact them for product details?

To contact a vendor from a third party, do one of the conventional ways is the following:

Go to Amazon.com’s stock page and press the name of the third-party vendor. Click the Please Ask a Question tab.

Go to Your Orders, locate the order in the folder, and then press Order Issues. Amazon will help you contact the seller if required, based on your query.

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