20 Best And Funny T-Shirt Design Trends For 2021

By  //  January 18, 2021

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Fashion is an ever-evolving industry where everyday something new is launched, a new design is introduced. Wish to create cheap funny t shirts of your own? T-shirts are the perfect canvas to display our artistic renditions. Whether you design a t-shirt yourself or plan to buy a ready-made printed t-shirt with a minimalistic logo, the design choice you make is a reflection of your personality.

But in the fashion industry where change is the only constant, one has to be at the top of their design game and aware of the current trends. To help you enhance your knowledge, we have come up with a concentrated list of the 20 best and funny t-shirt designs for the year 2021.

1. Calligraphy
The rage for lettering and calligraphy has doubled, or maybe even tripled over the past year. So it comes as no surprise that t-shirt prints with calligraphic text are the ones to watch out for in 2021. Beautiful flourishes, aesthetically pleasing swirls, and nuanced writing, all play an important role in making a calligraphy print pretty as a picture. If the ‘calligraphy’ bug has taken over you as well, you can create your lettering print with gorgeous colors. Or you can create a logo and add calligraphy-inspired text around it.

2. Obscure fonts
T-shirt designs with unattractive fonts placed in an off-the-register alignment are the current fad. Off-key elements like these might give the screen printers a fright because such misaligned prints are what they have been avoiding their whole life. But to create a funny t-shirt in 2021, an off-register design is done intentionally and on purpose. It is a classic way of gaining the interest of the customers looking for something unique and off-beat.

3. Rainbow inspired prints
Rainbows were, are, and will always be a favorite because it is an element that is flexible to play around with. Whether you put a comical illustration of a unicorn prancing around a rainbow or take inspiration from the colors of the rainbow, the choice is completely yours. Rainbows signify hope, joy, and evoke emotions such as happiness and contentment. Pairing vividly colored rainbows with inspirational messages is also in trend.

4. Printed pocket
This cute print is a quirky little number very much in trend nowadays. As the name suggests, a faux pocket is printed on the t-shirt where a logo or a real pocket is generally placed. You can design the pocket with criss-cross stitching patterns, or maybe even display a pet or a flower peeking out of the printed pocket. If you are designing a funny t-shirt for a company, you can put the company logo on the faux-pocket, or create a text-based illustration with the motto of the company written on the ‘pocket’.

5. Retro typography
Typography with a fluorescent appeal like a diner’s sign in the ’50s and ’60s. The psychedelic colors of red, yellow, and neon pink teamed up with a funky font make up for a great graphic tee. With this print, retro is back with a ‘pow’ and ‘bang’ in 2021.

6. Delicately sketched florals
Remember the cute doodles we all used to draw on our notebooks during the boring lectures? Well, better take out those notebooks or recreate the doodles because they are in vogue as illustrations for t-shirts. Simple floral sketches, black outlines, no colors, and a light base color of the funny t-shirt, and you are all set with a trendy t-shirt print!

7. Bold statements
A clear and concise statement is always on-point and never out of style. Use statements such as “I will”, “Blessed”, “Actually, I Can”, etc. that are motivational and deliver the message in an impactful manner.

8. Minimal designs
Minimalism is a sophisticated style of design that represents a clear and uncluttered mindset. A simple t-shirt with a logo is a minimalistic yet clever approach to draw all eyes towards the company’s sign.

9. Tiny letters
Using small fonts in all-caps is being appreciated by all. A basic black tee with white-colored text is a great way to convey the message written on the t-shirt clearly.

 10. Text revolving around a print
Love creating illustrations and graphics for a funny t-shirt design? Now take your design game up several notches with this latest trend where the illustration is surrounded with a complementing text or message. The best way is to create a design with a circular frame and add text aligned to the border of the design.

 11. Text aligned to the side
This is another quirky print that many screen printers shudder at. Centrally-aligned text is what many designers go for. But the latest trend is to create bold text with a side-alignment. This off-set technique works best for text-based t-shirts, with lowercase text and simple font.

 12. Multi-colored artwork
Are you a passionate designer known for your incredible artwork? Well, printing your artwork on a t-shirt with a customized logo is the design trend for 2021. Vibrant colors are an attractive addition to such artwork for printed t-shirts.

 13. 90’s inspired prints
“Old is Gold” is an immensely popular saying that is a perfect match in this scenario. The ’90s were all about the transition from big stereos to handy walkmans to CD Discman. Prints inspired by the pop-culture of the ’90s are the current fashion drift. Get your creative cap on and turn on the nostalgia switch by creating a 90’s themed funny t-shirt.

 14. Geometrical color blocks
Geometric patterns have always been in trend. Each year a new take is given to the geometric shapes. 2021 is all about color blocks. The blocks of geometric shapes are placed next to solid-colored shapes to create a contrasting and bold look.

 15. Repeated text in same-tone hues
Remember the ‘thank you’ text written on the plastic bags in a repeated manner? This t-shirt design print is inspired by that polybag design only. It is an ideal choice of print for the ones who aren’t tech-savvy but wish to create their t-shirts. There are also several templates available online at websites such as Printshop by Designhill that allow you to create a t-shirt with a customized logo. All that you have to do is simply enter the text of your choice and choose the color combination, and voila! You are all set to get your custom created t-shirt printed.

 16. Creative shaped text
Irregular shapes with text filled in are the current trend of 2021. One can add the artwork of their choice, or create a simple text-based funny t-shirt. You can also take the shape of your state as the boundary for the text.

 17. Simplistic heartbeats with a dash of your personality
Plain t-shirts with heartbeat design is an evergreen trend. But in 2021, we have seen an addition to these minimalist prints. Designers are adding an element in the line of the heartbeat pattern that reflects their personality. The element can be anything close to your heart, it can be chocolate, a ball of wool, the name of a person, or even a pic of your pet.

 18. Negative space
Negative spaces are an interesting way of playing with a design. This hugely popular and trending technique is the amalgamation of high contrast colors such as black and white. Other colors can also be used, but for the best result, the larger areas of the design should be either black or white to create an interesting negative space effect. Elements such as tree roots and branches are a popular choice when creating a t-shirt design with negative space.

 19. Prints on the back
Normally designs and logos are printed on the front of a t-shirt, but no t-shirt trend in 2021 is normal. Illustrations, comical doodles, and quirky texts, anything can be printed to create a funny t-shirt with a design on the back.

20. Motivational quotations
With all the hurdles that 2020 saw, it is only fair that motivational quotes and sayings are a part of the best t-shirt trends in 2021. Along with any of the above-mentioned design types, you can include a brilliant motivational message or a quote from your favorite author.

Now that we have covered the 20 best and funny t-shirt designs for the year 2021, you can use them as an inspiration to create the next best design to flaunt your creative personality.