Everything You Need to Know About Silverware

By  //  January 20, 2021

Every home has flatware and tableware. While most homeowners look at the usefulness of the items, some homeowners look at the aesthetics too.

Some homeowners will have their tableware and flatware coordinating with their interior design, while for others, it will be far from that.

Flatware is used every day in homes for preparing food and consuming it. While there are different materials for flatware, silver makes the best and has been in use for a long time in history.

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People use silverware at home, but they know little about them. Here is everything you need to know about silverware.

1. Silverware has antioxidant properties

Did you know that your silver flatware possesses antioxidant properties? By using silverware, you are protecting your family from germs and radicals. One of the benefits of using silverware is that they detoxify the food you eat, making it ideal for babies and other family members with low immunity.

Also, silver does not react with other metals to produce chemicals that are harmful when ingested. Using silverware will improve and ensure your family’s well-being.

2. Storing silverware the wrong way will cause tarnishing

If stored the wrong way, silverware will tarnish. Silverware, therefore, calls for more storage care than other flatware. The best way to go about this is by first identifying the enemies of silver so that you can avoid them and keep your silverware shimmering.

That is why you should avoid materials such as rubber and felt as they contain Sulphur, which reacts with silver causing tarnishing. What this means is that you should avoid storing silverware in kitchen cabinets that have rubber seals.

Sulphur is also found in water, and you should ensure that your silver flatware is dried well before storage to avoid reacting. While storing, avoid banging the silverware with other metals and against surfaces as the metal is soft, ensuring that the flatware maintains its good looks.

The best place to store silver is away from high humidity and heat. You can get a flatware chest or china cabinet to provide the silverware with the ideal storage conditions and avoid tarnishing.

3. Keeping silverware for too long without washing can damage it

Most people have the habit of letting the dishes stay in the sink for hours or even days without cleaning them. This is something you do not want to do with silverware, as it will get damaged. Silverware should be cleaned immediately after being used and stored properly away from heat and humidity.

Why is it recommended to wash silverware immediately after use? Well, silver reacts with the acids contained in most foods such as salad dressings and juices. By allowing the silverware to stay in the sink for long, you expose it to these chemicals, which will wear off the silver coating and cause tarnishing.

4. If taken care of, silverware can last for centuries

If well taken care of, silverware can last for centuries, and you can pass it down to even your grandkids. The one thing that people who know about silverware will tell you is that they love it for its durability. You can find antique silverware from centuries ago, still in perfect shape and very functional.

If you are looking for flatware that will serve you for years before you have to buy again, then you are looking in the right direction. Silverware will diligently add class and sophistication to your dining area time and again. All you need to do is maintain the proper cleaning and storage practices.

5. Polishing is important for maintaining silverware

Polishing is also recommended for the care and maintenance of silverware. Over time, your silverware may tarnish lightly due to reaction with elements in the air and water, or even food.

To maintain its beautiful appearance, then you have to put in some effort by polishing it. Using quality products for polishing silverware is recommended. However, do not overdo this as every time you polish, some silver coat wears off.

Christofle silverware will instantly give your dining room and kitchen a facelift. Silverware has tons of benefits, from beauty to durability. However, they need care and maintenance. Provided you ensure that you clean well after using and storing it, you can enjoy its service for years without the need for replacement.