How to Become a Better Hunter

By  //  January 26, 2021

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Who wouldn’t want to get better at hunting game, especially during these uncertain times when the economy seems to be going downhill? Yes, the times are getting harder and procuring your own food might become imperative for many people.

But let’s not go into societal topics too much. Let’s focus on the main thing that you came here for: to become a better hunter. Follow the advice written below and you’re bound to fix some mistakes that you’ve been making.

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Practice, Practice, Practice. And Scout.

Just because it’s the end of the hunting season, doesn’t mean you should slack on your couch while watching football and eating junk food. Far from it. Instead, you should look at the end of the hunting season as you would look at a hunting opportunity.

Take this time to do some post-season scouting. Most people might not think of doing this after the season, because it wouldn’t improve their chance at getting a deer this year. However, they are wrong. The people who fail to do post-season scouting are drastically hurting their chances for the next year.

Go out in the field, take pictures and notes, follow deer trails wherever they may go, and start preparing a solid hunting plan for the next season. And don’t forget to go to the shooting range for some practice during the post-season period.

Clean and Organize Your Hunting Gear

Clean gear will last you a lot longer than gear that hasn’t been taken care of properly. Whenever you have free time on your hands, clean every item of mud and blood, and reorganize your equipment in a logical manner.

If you’re throwing everything in a single cabinet, you’re doing it wrong. You need to separate guns from ammo, boots from clothes, and so on. That way you’ll be better organized for a particular type of hunting experience.

There’s no reason to leave the rangefinder in the same drawer as your boots. Oh, you don’t know what is a rangefinder? There you go, one more piece of advice: research your equipment properly. Have a pro make some recommendations if you’re not sure.

Organize Your Pictures

Taking hunting photos is something else, am I right? Well, there’s a reason why it’s so. The photos you’ve taken during the season will be of great help the following year. Upload all the pictures to your computer and organize them in a folder by, location, week and by day, respectively.

It might seem tedious, but there’s a good reason why you’ll want to proceed as such. You see, when you’ll be going back to these pictures after a while, it will be easier to tell when and where exactly during the season are deer most active.

How to Approach a Wounded Deer

Well, you’ve seen that the steps to becoming a better hunter aren’t actually hunting-related but rather more organizational in nature. However, here’s one tip that will make you a far better hunter than many others in the practical sense.

If you manage to wound a deer without killing it, you’ll want to approach it carefully. From above and behind the head, to be more precise. Don’t approach it from the front or from the sides, as it will see you and run away or even attack.

Once you approach it, look for activity on the chest cavity. If the chest is moving somewhat, then it’s clear that the deer is still breathing. You should also pay special attention to the eyes, as dead animals have their eyes open. You can be sure that you have killed the animal when you toss a stick at it, and it doesn’t blink.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, being a better hunter is a matter of practice and organization more than actually hunting without knowing what you’re doing. Preparedness is key – every single time.

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