How to Optimize Parcel Delivery Service on Your Mobile?

By  //  January 13, 2021

Did you know? In 2020, FedEx – the most popular delivery service – touched almost $70 billion in revenue by delivering more than 143 billion parcels globally. You also might have many times purchased your valuable items online and surely be well-aware of the nail-biting moments when your package is under the delivery process with countless other parcels.

The time between your parcel leaving the store and reaching your doorstep is the most crucial time for you as no matter how efficient delivery service you choose. There always remains room for your parcel being confused with others, lost, misplaced or the worst nightmare-damage.

Therefore, trying every avenue that can prove useful in giving you a pleasurable delivery experience should be your ultimate pursuit. The foremost concern that leads you to the ocean of other strains regarding your place is being oblivious of the process it is experiencing and the respective movements.

But today’s advanced and technology-inspired delivery services have confronted themselves and their working system on easily accessible websites. One of the best examples of such a delivery service is speedpak tracking that has made it easier for customers to track their parcels and expect safe and timely delivery effortlessly.

Availing a delivery service that has a prominent global recognition and allows optimization on mobile too is nothing less than a blessing in disguise.

According to a Navar Report, daily one in every five customers visits the tracking pages on websites after booking the order with a rate of 3.1 times. These visits are led by the main objective to track their parcel that is now under the control of the delivery service.

Undoubtedly, having access and visibility to such a website becomes the need of the hour once you book the order.

Leveraging them on mobile becomes pretty convenient and clear to monitor your parcel everywhere and at any time. In this write-up, we’ve included some tips or strategies that would help you effectively optimize parcel delivery service on your android and IOS both the mobile.

Strategies to optimize the parcel delivery service on mobiles: 

Online tracking information: 

You can improve courier and package delivery by using online tracking information. This helps you keep an eye on your parcel’s complete detail that acts as valid proof when you feel the need to refer to the delivery service regarding your parcel.

Moreover, there are three most common types to see details regarding your tracking package: On-site, the link to carrier site, and the mobile tracking app. Each one is specialized to fit into your different needs and ease you.

Mobile delivery windows: 

Mobile delivery windows allow customers to select a delivery date. This enables the customers to choose their desired date and optimize the delivery system according to the latest trends.

With that, you may also incorporate different methods to receive packages that make it possible to deliver the package in safe hands even when the recipient is not at home or the picking location.

Medium for notifications: 

Optimizing through mobile also allows you to connect the delivery service website with your emails or SMS to update you accordingly. It works as a great medium where you can clear out all your queries and as anything required.

Logistic app: 

Developing a logistic app on your mobile phone helps you familiarize yourself with basic attention to detail about your parcel. Such as driver’s daily log, vehicle mileage and fuel expense tracker, driving route optimization and package tracker.

Shipping options: 

Using the mobile website also offers you many useful shipping options that ease you regarding your parcel and ensure if it’s going into the right and safe hands.

Easy to store information: 

The compact size and wireless qualities make mobile ideal to optimize the delivery service website. It makes it easier for customers to sort out the products and do minor desired changes in your parcel delivery, such as minimizing the time between order placement and order shipping.


Now, you don’t have to wait for decades and spend your nights in stress if your parcel is safe and will reach you timely. You can avail this incredible perk of optimizing the delivery service website on your mobile phones.