Things You Must Know About Dog Bites

By  //  January 11, 2021

Dogs might be known as the most loving mates one can have, but you must understand that even dogs are animals. So, they would have some animal instincts and can bite people under certain circumstances. 

If a dog has bitten you or anyone you love and the bite has resulted in a serious wound, you should contact a personal injury attorney Los Angeles as soon as possible.

Ideally, it should be the first thing you do after getting the necessary treatment. This will help you to get the compensation you deserve for your suffering.

A Few Interesting Facts about Dog Bites

If you have a look at recent numbers, you’ll find that around 4.7 million people in the United States become victims of dog bites every year. More than 50% of these victims are children aged between 5 and 10 years.

Last, but definitely not least, around 20% of these dog bites require medical attention.

One surprising fact is that while strange dogs or strays do bite, on most occasions people are bitten by canines they are familiar with. It can be your family pet, a neighbor or friend’s dog, and so on.

Tips for Dog Bite Prevention 

Here are a few tips that will help you in reducing your chances of becoming the victim of dog bites.

■ If you are planning to add a dog to your family, choose a dog breed known for showcasing a good temperament

■ Don’t get too close to dogs you are not familiar with

■ Don’t leave your kids alone with these canines, particularly if they are strange dogs

■ Never disturb dogs when they are feeding puppies or eating

■ Irrespective of the fact whether you are meeting your dog or someone else’s approach him slowly (ideally, you should allow the dog to come to you)

■ Never scream or run away if a dog suddenly becomes aggressive; slowly move away from him

When to Visit a Doctor to Get the Dog Bite Treated

The first thing you must do when a dog bites you is, getting some first aid at home. If the bite is not too deep, you should get relief from the pain and irritation soon after getting the first aid.

However, still, you must get yourself checked by a doctor. Doing so becomes even more important if you don’t know the dog that has bitten you or if you have developed a deep cut and the bleeding is not stopping.

Have you avoided visiting the doctor because the dog bite injury didn’t seem too serious initially? If yes, then there are high possibilities that you will suffer from infection in the affected region.

Some of the common signs of infection are swelling, redness, warmth, and pus formation. If that happens, you should visit a qualified physician right away. Doctors usually prescribe high doses of antibiotics to treat such infections.

Final Words 

If you are suffering from health issues like liver disease, diabetes, and other illnesses that may impair your immunity, it would be wise to stay away from dogs. That’s because individuals with those conditions tend to develop more serious infections from dog bites.