Tips to Become the Best Tennis Player You Can Be

By  //  January 19, 2021

Whether you are doing it to stay in shape or because you simply love the game, tennis is a wonderful sport to play. While it may look easy, the game is often difficult to pick up. This can sometimes lead to new players becoming frustrated when they are unable to hit the ball like the professionals they watch on TV.

But with a little hard work and the right guidance, you too can become a good tennis player. It may take some patience, but there are certainly some things you can do to take your game to the next level. Here are some helpful tips if you are trying to improve your tennis skills.

Keep Your Racket in Good Shape

Your racket is without a doubt one of the most important aspects of being a good tennis player. In addition to having a quality racket that is the right size and weight, you also need to know how to care for it. To take your game to the next level, make sure to buy the tennis rackets at the best prices and explore an extensive range of professional and advanced tennis rackets online, such as those available at, which cater to your playing style.

Be sure to check out these tips to keep it in the best shape possible. This includes having a quality bag to transport your racket and making sure the strings don’t wear out.

Also, consider using an overgrip, to reduce the impact that your hand sweat can have on the grip. While you might not think about it, where you store your racket will also have an impact on how well it stays in shape over time. It should be kept at room temperature and not stored under a number of heavy items.

Learn the Different Grips and Their Benefits

Tennis is a game of grips. There are many different grips tennis players will use to make different shots, including a forehand, backhand, serve, volley, overhead and more. Some are better for handling low bouncing balls, while some are great for topspin and even others can produce more power.

Be sure you are using the grips correctly and have the right form. Bad habits can develop incredibly quickly and can be difficult to break. So before you develop them by improper hand placement, be sure to find out the right way to hold the racket for the specific shots you what to make.

Also, no matter what type of grip you are using, it’s a good idea to hold the racket lightly. Many people think the key is to grip the racket tightly, but this will actually hurt your swing and the amount of speed and power that you are able to generate.

Keep Your Eye on the Ball

While this might sound obvious to some, you would be surprised at how many people don’t keep their eye on the ball while playing tennis. Instead, many players will look at where they want the ball to go on the court.

Without watching the ball, you will not have as much control over your shot, and it certainly won’t be as accurate or powerful.

Once the ball bounces off your strings and is on it’s way to the destination, only then can you begin to survey the court and prepare for the next shot. This can take some work, but once you have practiced enough, you will be able to do this with ease.

Think About the Positioning of Your Body and Footwork

Having the correct stance and body position during a tennis game is another way to improve your game overall. Your body should be kept fairly open and facing the target. Be sure to always maintain your balance, and be sure to always get your weight and back leg behind the ball for a better shot.

When it comes to actually hitting the ball, you generally want to do it once it is about waist height, and once the ball is on it’s way down after a bounce.

Also, tennis is also all about footwork. You should angle your feet towards the direction you want the ball to go, and always stay light on your feet and be ready for the next movement you will need to make.

Finally, tennis is a game of incredibly quick reactions. Not only do you need to position your body correctly each time, but you also need to do it incredibly fast. Tennis balls can travel at incredibly high speeds, so your reaction time can make or break how well you play.

Helping You Improve Your Tennis Skills

The tips and guidance within this article should be able to help you improve your tennis skills. By keeping your racket in good shape, learning the different grips, keeping your eye on the ball and positioning your body correctly, you are well on your way to being a better tennis player.