CarGuard Helps When Car Issues Come Up

By  //  February 15, 2021

Driving your favorite car is enjoyable until you experience significant issues with your car parts. For many years, owners of different types of vehicles have continued to experience frustrations from insurance companies they trust.

However, with vehicle service contract providers like CarGuard (Not a Warranty), that’s no longer the case: your car gets the attention it needs for multiple parts.

Common troublesome parts include the engine, drive axle, steering, fuel system, and cooling system.

Whether it’s only the engine that has a problem or it’s a combination of two or more issues, the cost of repair is likely to drain your wallet, depending on the technicality and demands of the job. A vehicle service contract comes in handy to save you from inconveniences.

Common Issues with Car Parts 


The heart of every car is the engine, and a slight interference from internal or external forces will lead to a car’s shutdown. Cars can experience major engine issues like overheating due to problems with the radiator or thermostat, stalling, engine leakage, or noise due to vibrations. A smoking engine is usually a strong indicator of a severe issue.


Another common issue is on the car’s axle. Axles need immediate repair to get your vehicle moving. A car can go nowhere with a faulty axle. It will start, but once you engage the gear, the engine revs, but the vehicle won’t move.

Common indicators of a damaged axle include grease leakage at the joints, vibrations due to transmission failure, or the steering not responding; in these cases, your vehicle will need immediate attention.


There is much that can go wrong when it comes to steering. Oftentimes, you’ll be forced to tow your vehicle to the nearest mechanic if no one responds. Luckily, a vehicle protection plan like CarGuard Administration covers this part.

If you experience difficulty turning your car, noticeable vibrations while moving, or the wheel slips anytime you try to maintain the right position, you’re looking at an issue with your steering.

Fuel System

The fuel system in modern cars is one of the most actively engaged parts, which, just like engines, require coverage. Vehicles depend on fuel transmission from the tank to the engine, and fuel systems make this process possible.

Lots of issues are seen on the fuel pump. To determine if your car has a problem with the fuel system, keep an eye on if the engine is sputtering while driving, making some whining noise, experiencing difficulty in starting the car, or registering high temperatures on the dashboard gauge.

Cooling System

The cooling system can also lead to major frustrations when least expected. As you can probably guess, the cooling system maintains the temperatures of the car and other parts, guaranteeing safety and maximum performance. In the case of uncontrolled overheating or producing steam, it’s important to get repairs before damage to other parts occurs.

CarGuard’s Addition to Warranties Platinum Coverage Plan

CarGuard Administration is a vehicle service contract provider with various plans that its customers enjoy. Serving over 45 countries, CarGuard prides itself on having multiple coverage plans that clients can choose from without seeking alternative options elsewhere. Among them is the Platinum Coverage Plan.

Whether you need the Platinum, Platinum Deluxe, or Platinum Plus, CarGuard Administration has a plan for you. These plans rollover based on the number of miles your vehicle covers.

Platinum coverage allows you to pay attention to your vehicle’s needs, especially when facing issues with the engine, drive axle, steering, fuel system, or cooling system.

Thanks to affordable pricing, a benefit that provides a rental car when your vehicle experiences troubles, and friendly customer service, CarGuard helps thousands of vehicle owners experience peace of mind each year, by adding to car warranties.